SCP: Bloodwater – How to Do the Difficult Achievements

This explains what your goal will be to actually start them. Not to be confused with holding your hand through it all.

The Blood God Achievement

Note: Credit goes to Meanator

To defeat this final boss select any difficulty and play tell you reach day 49 in which the boss will spawn some time between day 49 and day 50.

The boss has a massive hp with no health regen and a massive AOE with decent damage at a slow rate.

The most effective method to slay the Blood god is send a massive army of sniper so put as much damage and distance to remain safe and win.

God Reptile Achievement

God reptile is a Oversized lizard with fire breath.

It’s hp is comparable to that of a god snail with the damage, Attack speed and AOE of a Razor bear.

To find this lizard either: Survival up to around day 21 or so on Keter or day 10 on Apollyon.

To summon the lizard the first step is to kill it. Any method excluding prisoners will work fine in killing it in mass.

Once killed kin Keter difficulty he will be a recruit-able Scp which cannot be reproduced. So use is carefully.

If you defeat God Lizard in Appolyon difficulty you will be given with the same conditions as Keter but when you check the Genetics tab in Manager mode it will give you SCP info about it.

(This does not mean you can make more)

The Black Moon Achievement

This one sound simple enough if you ignore the difficulty but on this achievement you must actively avoid killing the Blood god for 3 days or so while also surviving leaving it alive.

It’s damage can 1 shot a God Reptile after 10 SCP upgrades so the best method to both avoid killing it and stay alive is:

  1. When the game start prepare to set up a good economy.
  2. Remember to prepare as many facility upgrades as you can to sponge damage.
  3. Never upgrade Riot shield damage and if you do then try not to kill the blood god late game.
  4. When the blood god is out send a riot shield troop every second or sooner.
  5. If there are too many monsters helping blood god then remove them with acid troops and retreat when done then back to step 4.
  6. If you some how managed to let it get close then start relying on steps 1 and 2.
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