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Can I trade items/gold for real-life cash, or vice-versa?

  • Real World Trading (RWT), outside of the game’s cash shop, is a violation of the Papaya Play Terms of Use, and not permitted.
  • Players who are confirmed to be engaging in RWT are subject to account action, ranging from warnings, to temporary or permanent account suspension.
  • No support is granted in disputes where RWT is involved.

Can you restore items lost to failed improvement attempts?

  • The risk of losing items such as jewels and Soul Stones is part of the crafting/upgrading system, and we are unable to restore them, so long as the system is functioning correctly.
  • Items restorations are only done when a verified software bug has occurred.
  • If you suspect that your item was lost to a bug, you may request we investigate.
  • However, the only tool we have to corroborate is our logs, which take precedence over player testimony.

I was away for a few days. Can you refund/extend my temporary items?

  • Unfortunately we cannot.
  • While issues sometimes arise that leave players unable to access their account, and any temporary items/buffs/bonuses their characters might possess, we are unable to verify whether or not an account was unable to access the game due to an error, or intentional player actions.
  • In order to maintain a consistent precedent for all players, we can only credit players for time lost due to confirmed game bugs or server issues.

I lost my item! Can I get it back?

  • We may be able to offer assistance, depending on the manner in which the item was lost.
  • First, you must send a support ticket within 10 business days of losing the item.
  • Second, the item must have been lost in a manner where restoring it would not provide any kind of unfair advantage. For example, we can usually restore items lost in the following manner:
    • Lost due to verifiable bug
    • Sold to an NPC vendor
    • Dropped
    • Opened box (non-random contents)

We CANNOT restore items lost in the following manners:

  • Failed improvement attempt
  • Traded/sold to another player
  • Accidentally used consumable item
  • Opened box (random contents)

If you are uncertain, you may still ask for a restoration.

However, we reserve the right to refuse to restore any item where we feel that doing so provides an unreasonable advantage to the player.

To request an item be restored, please send a support ticket with the following information:

  • Character name and server
  • Item name (exact text if possible)
  • Time/date at which item was lost, or last confirmed time/date you had it
  • Any other relevant details

I have an idea/suggestion for the game. Where can I share it?

  • Though we receive far more suggestions than we could hope to implement, we appreciate all player feedback on methods to improve and/or expand the game.
  • Please feel free to submit feedback or suggestions to us via support ticket or our official Discord channel.

Can you help me transfer items/characters between servers?

  • The characters and economies of our two servers, Imidoom and Ragnarok, are intended to be completely independent from one another.
  • We are unable to transfer any characters or items between the two servers, beyond account rewards which can already be transferred via normal means.

I opened a bunch of random boxes and didn’t get anything good. I think your system is broken.

  • The items contained within random boxes, and all other random mechanics in Echo of Soul, are based upon fixed probabilities, which are verified as part of the testing/QA process.
  • The odds for some items are intended to be extremely low, in order to maintain their high value.
  • There are no “bad luck protection” mechanics for random boxes – the odds for any given result are the same, whether you have opened one, ten, or one hundred or more boxes in a row.
  • Any truly random systems will be prone to strings of unlikely events, such as a flipping a coin to the same face ten times in a row.
  • If you still believe that there is an issue with a certain random mechanic, then you may report it to us via the support system. Please include as many details as possible, and be advised that we can only act if a verifiable issue is found.

Do I need to pay to play?

  • There is no charge to download and play any Papaya Play titles, including Echo of Soul, and no payment information needs to be registered.
  • There are options to purchase items and services to improve your Echo of Soul experience, but these are optional, and the game itself will remain free to access on Papaya Play.

Can I be a Game Master/Community Representative?

  • The many experienced and responsible players who’ve worked with our team have been vital to our success, and we’re always eager to hear from players who wish to assist us.
  • Game Masters actively assist us with running events, enforcing rules, and addressing player concerns.
  • Community Representatives provide feedback on player preferences and concerns, and provide us with information on the game or community as needed.

Can I play Echo of Soul from any country?

Echo of Soul Ragnarok is accessible all over the world except Korea.

Someone claiming to be a GM is speaking with me. Are they for real?

  • If Papaya Play ever requires you to verify account information, we will only do so via email or the support system.
  • GM’s will NEVER ask you for your password.
  • In the game, GM’s (Game Masters) can be recognized by a distinct purple glow.
  • In Discord, GM’s will always have the Papaya Play or Moderator role.
  • GM’s do not generally discuss account-specific details in game or over Discord, or anywhere else, except through the support system.

Which time zone is used in the game?

Echo of Soul’s in-game clock is always set to Central European Time (CET) (UTC +1).

Can I use the Marketplace to transfer items between accounts?

  • Many items in Echo of Soul are set such that they cannot be directly traded between characters, but can be put on sale on the Marketplace.
  • Some players use the Marketplace as a means of circumventing the restriction on trading, placing items up for sale at a very low price, and purchasing them with another character.
  • Players who engage in this practice do so at their own risk.
  • Marketplace data does not always update at the same rate for all players, and other players who are aware of this practice are often checking the Marketplace for opportunities to take advantage of items at very low prices.
  • We understand that players’ desire to move certain items between accounts can make risky behaviour feel worthwhile, and we are discussing alternatives. However, until any changes are made, we do not offer support for cases where attempted Marketplace transfers are intercepted.
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