Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space – Walkthrough (Chapter 5)

A quick walkthrough guide to episode 5 of Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space.


You begin Chapter 5 right where Chapter 4 left off; you are escaping the Mariachi Spaceship. Enjoy a short cutscene, then walk to the right. Talk to the Moleman in the Long Shirt, Tie, and Black Hood to learn that you need to head to Hell to rescue Bosco’s Soul, and that you also need a Token to get to Hell. Then head further to the right and head up the ladder.

Once on the Surface, head to the left and talk to the Ghost of Ms. Momma Bosco. Go through the conversation to learn that she had a token, the died on the second floor, and that she’s still hiring PIs to hunt down the man who trashed her store (who happens to be Bosco). Now head to the far left until you get to outside your office.

Once there, use the Egg Mr. Featherly left in your inventory on the window to get a remote control. Then use the AI core on Jimmy Two-Teeth who is standing in front of the MAIMTRON 9000, then use the Remote Control on the MAIMTRON 9000. Then control the MAIMTRON 9000 over to Bosco’s Inconvenience and click on the second story window. Now you have a token!

Head back into the Sewer through the Manhole and Talk to Death the Moleman, saying you have a token and you want to go to hell. Enjoy the introduction credits. Now that you are in hell, walk to the right and through the doors. Once you’re through, walk down and right to Brady Culture’s Cubicle, where you will take the Keycard. Once you have it, walk even thruther to the right and head through the Giant Double Doors on the far side of the room.

Once through the Double Doors, use the Keycard on the Keycard Reader next to the Dioramas, then click on the Theatre Diorama. Once inside, grab the Nitrous Oxide on the stage to the left, next to the Dentist’s Chair. Then head back out of the Diorama by licking on the icon to the bottom right of your screen.

Now use the Nitrous Oxide on the Street Diorama, and then use the Keycard on the Keycard reader, then click on the Street Diorama. Your goal, once inside, is to use the Nitrous to boost the Desoto up a ramp.

After a short cutscene plays, you will be back in the Diorama Hall, so use the Keycard on the Keycard Reader again, this time clicking on the Toy Factory Diorama. Once inside, talk to the Elf until you can help him build his next toy. While building the toy, choose Commando Style, Chainsaw, and Acid Blood. Then leave the Diorama.

Use the Keycard on the Keycard reader yet again, and click on the Santas Workshop Diorama. Once inside walk to the left and shoot the Christmas Present. Enjoy another short cutscene, and then you will, once again, be in the Hall of Dioramas. Now Use the Keykard Reader again AGAIN and click on the last Diorama to be inside a cooking show.

Once inside the show, click on the Book Display to grab a copy of Growing Up Stinky, then talk to the rat guests. After that exit the Diorama. Once outside you will see Death leave a Filing Cabinet Drawer unlocked and open. Click on the Drawer to get Jimmy’s file, then leave Hell entirely and head back to the surface.

Once on the Street, head into Sybil’s and talk to Jurgen’s Monster, who will beg for death. Grant him his wish by shooting him. Then quickly run back outside and to the C.O.P.S. Garage on the far right. Use Jimmy’s file on Timmy’s file, and then head back to the Hall of Diorama’s in Hell.

Once back in Hell, use the Keycard on the Keycard reader for the final time, and enter the Cooking Show Diorama. Then head over to the rats and talk to little Timmy. Then once that’s done head back the Hell’s Cubicles and enjoy a cutscene. Once that’s done, you’ll be in your own personal hell!

Grab the bone saw of Max’s Desk, and then walk towards the screen. Once you can see Max’s Giant Head use the Keycard on Max. Now enjoy a cutscene where it is revealed that Satan is just Middle Management, and that the true rulers of Hell are… the Soda Popper Triplets!

After they’ve explained their evil plans, head back to the Street and walk over to Satan on your right. Click on the Box of Satan’s Stuff, and get a grab bag of items: a Paper Clip Chain, a Bag of Pork Rinds, and a Shopping List Written on Hell’s Stationary. Head to the left to the Crack in The Road and use the Paper Clip Chain on it to get a MimeSweeper Cartridge. Now run to the far right back to the C.O.P.S. Garage and use the MimeSweeper Cartridge on Chippy.

Now head into Stinky’s Diner, head to the right, and grab a bottle of Fruit Cider. Head back out and into Bosco’s Inconvenience, and use the Fruit Cider on the Cooler, to your left. After a short cutscene use the Bone Saw on Jurgen’s Monster to get a rib, and then head back into Stinky’s Diner.

Once inside, talk to Grandpa Stinky until you’ve exhausted all options, then use the Book you picked up from Hell on Grandpa Stinky. Stinky’s true form will now be revealed, she is in fact a horrific Cake. Now use the Rib you got from Jurgen’s Monster on the Cake.

Now head back to hell, and walk to Hugh Bliss’ Cubicle. Then use the Satan’s Grocery List on the List on the Cubicle Wall. Now leave Hell and head back to the Street. Run to the far left to where the MAINTRON 9000 and talk to Timmy. Go though his options until you can ask him about trivia, then ask what Peeper’s real name is to learn it’s ♥♥♥ Peacock. Now leave the conversation and head into Sybil’s. Once inside, talk to Peepers.

After a lengthy cutscene you will find yourself in the frozen over Office of Hell. Immediately shoot the bell on the Ice Cream Truck. Then take some Ice Cream from the back of the Truck, and head over to the Shambling Corporate Presence’s Cubicle and take the Coffee Cup. Head over to the Soda Poppers and pick up the Candle stuck in the Snow Bank.

Now run over to the Break Room and use the Vanilla Ice Cream, Coffee Cup, and Tar Cake Sample on the Water Cooler with The Fish Inside. Then use the Candle on The Tar Cake. Now take the Tar Cake, and use in on the Soda Poppers.

You have now finished the game. Congratulations.

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