Rum & Gun – How to Change Graphics Preference for Performance Issues

A quick guide on how to change your computers default gfx card choice for specific apps and how to apply it to the game Rum & Gun. A video walking you through the process is included.

How to Fix

Note: Credit goes to Scurvy Banana

If you’re here its probably because you’ve noticed some strange performance issues in Rum & Gun, such as stuttering and lag. Before we get started I need to make note that the game is currently in Early Access so this guide will hopefully become defunct as the developer patches the game.

Here I am showing you how I solved this problem on my hardware.

In order to fix this issue, first lets go to the [Search Bar] next to our start button at the bottom left hand side of the screen. Next we will type in the word [GRAPHICS] in order to find the shortcut button to our [GRAPHICS SETTINGS.] This can also found in the system settings.

After opening the graphics settings we will click the [Browse] button and manually find the application file for our game. This might take a moment to find depending on where you install your games. The standard is usually:

  • (C:)->Program Files->Steam->Steamapps->Common->Game Folder

After we’ve found this we will select the game file, [Rum and Gun.exe] and click the [ADD] button. It has now been added to our list of ‘Graphics performance preferences.’ Now scroll through the list until you find it and click the [OPTIONS] button. Now we will set a preference for this file to be ran on our gaming graphics card instead of the onboard gfx card. Click [SAVE] before closing the windows and then feel free to try and boot the game to see if this fixed the crashing upon start.


Settings App -> Display -> Graphics Settings -> browse button under ‘graphics performance preference’ -> find and choose the Rum & Gun app and set appropriate hardware

(I discovered this issue a while back and am unsure if it has been patched out or not but I decided to make a very similar guide/video for another game with a similar issue and figured I’d do for this one as well.)

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