Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood – How to Cheat

Various save editing to tweak the game!

Save File Folder

Note: Credit goes to rugal

Look for this directory (mywindowsuser = your own Windows user name to log in your computer).

  • C:\Users\mywindowsuser\AppData\LocalLow\Mega Cat\Renfield

Inside of it there should be a folder with numbers like this:

  • C:\Users\myusername\AppData\LocalLow\Mega Cat\Renfield\76561198007535130

The save game is inside this folder save.json this is the file you will need to edit (the notepad of Windows is good enough).

Before editing it would be wise to do a backup of this file. Use this guide responsibly and at your own risk.

How to Add Rerolls for Weapons and Talents

Open the savve.json file with notepad do a text search (Ctrl + F or Edit menu then search) for REROLLS.

Change the value to your liking (it should initially be 5 if you unlocked everything).

For instance:


Save the file (Ctrl + S). Now you can reroll 100 times, practical to get the build you want!

How to Add Money

Edit the save.json as described in the previous section, look for the entry coinsTotal, change the value, profit!

For instance:

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