Transformice – Controller Configuration

How to play Transformice with a controller.


Since Transformice doesn’t have its own controller format, I decided to create one.

This guide includes shaman controls, as well as two options for moving your mouse left and right.

I left out a lot of the “unnecessary” controls such as the emote menu, confetti throw, and the shaman sign menu, but you can add those yourself to any blank areas! There are quite a few free buttons.

Note: This is what works for me. Feel free to change your settings around to find out what works best for you.

Quick Settings

This is where you can tweak your cursor sensitivity. Your cursor will move whenever you move the right joystick around. I personally use 50%.


DO NOT unbind the scroll wheel buttons! These are the buttons you will use to rotate items left and right when playing as the shaman, as well as when you are scrolling up and down on the different menus.


This is the first way you can move your mouse left and right, and is my preferred method. Because Transformice isn’t a 3D movement game, the DPad is perfectly suitable for average gameplay. (I have completed multiple bootcamps using this method!)


DO NOT unbind the left mouse click! This is how you will be able to select stuff. The space key is for when you need to ghost / unghost items when shamaning.


Here is your last page of configurations. This includes the second movement method, which is bound to the left joystick. Flicking your joystick left will move your mouse to the left, and vice versa. You can have both this method and the DPad method bound at the same time, and use them interchangeably.

I do not recommend binding W / S to the joysticks. In my experience, it does not play or feel well.

Note: I currently play on Hard mode, so that is why I have the C key bound. If you play on Divine or Easy mode, change or add nail options accordingly.

Note: If you are playing on Hard mode, I recommend binding “2” (your totem) to something easily accessible. Whenever I press down on my left joystick, my totem is selected.

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