Ready or Not – 4U Gas Station Hostage Rescue Tactic (Unmodded)

Tactic to mount a successful “S” score hostage rescue mission on the 4U Gas Station map “Thank You, Come Again” using lethal force with AI teammates (works with real players) (unmodded).

Equipment & Use

Main Equipment

  • Primary: M23A1 Flash – For launching successive flashes to stun multiple hostage takers scattered throughout a large room
  • Sidearm & Munition Type: 57 USG, AP – For incapacitating hostage takers as they do not surrender easily. AP in case any hostage takers are wearing body armour
  • Long Tactical: Breaching Shotgun – For rapidly breaching locked doors
  • Body Armour & Material: Light, Steel – For quick movement while still being able to stop all calibers being used by hostage-takers and sufficient capacity for other equipment

Munitions & Quantity

  • Primary: NIL – M23A1 cannot be reloaded
  • Sidearm: 4 magazines – Sufficient for the mission
  • Grenade: 3 Flashbangs – Backup in case you need more as M23A1 cannot be reloaded
  • Deployables: Pepper Spray – For close range engagement to force hostage-takers to surrender without killing them
  • Headwear: Anti-Flash Goggles – To prevent blinding effects of flashbangs and protect your head


Any lethal sidearm, either AP or JHP and either flashbangs or stingers can be used. Teammates can be equipped with any lethal primary and body armour as they are just there to assist in incapacitating hostage takers and auxiliary objectives.

Mission Brief


Civilians report possible armed hostage situation at the 4U Gas Station, around less than 10 lightly armed but dangerous hostage takers and around 3 to 4 hostages are expected. Hostages and hostage-takers are scattered throughout the main diner, with some possibly being in the exterior garage.

Your mission is to stop the killing, stop the dying by eliminating all threats AS FAST AS POSSIBLE using lethal force. Time is of the essence in this operation. Don’t waste any time by trying to be sneaky or stopping to complete auxiliary objectives until primary objectives are completed, unless stated otherwise in the plan.

Strictly observe ROE as this is an extremely delicate situation. We want no civilian casualties and preferably no officers downed.

The goal is an “S” score, but that is not expected on the first try.

Primary Objectives

  • Move as fast as possible to stop the killing and stop the dying
  • Save ALL civilians
  • Eliminate all threats

Auxiliary Objectives

  • Restrain all at the scene
  • Secure all evidence
  • Make sure no officers are downed


You can work with real players instead, but AI teammates work too. If you do use real teammates, make sure to brief them.

Plan & Tactics


Move ASAP to diner through shop, flash everywhere at the enemy using launcher, restrain all at scene, move quickly to ext. garage, flash left & right, repeat steps in diner, clear rest of AO. MOVE FAST, no wasting time.

Phase 1 – Entry

Entry team is to make a deliberate entry into the gas station’s front entrance and move through the store to the door on the right connecting it to the diner. Locks are to be picked. No resistance or civilians are expected along this route. This phase is to be completed at haste and any resistance along the way should be dealt with lethal force within ROE. Civilians and any aftermath can be dealt with after all hostage-takers are down.

Phase 2 – Assaulting the Diner

After moving into position at the door on the right connecting to the diner, entry team is to make a deliberate entry into the diner. The point man should be equipped with their sidearm and use lethal force against any hostage-takers until they reach past the door connected to the kitchen on the left, at which point they should equip their M23A1.

The point man should then fire rapid, successive rounds of flashes into the main diner’s ceiling at every direction towards the hostage-takers, making sure to launch them towards the other end of the diner as well, and to avoid firing directly at civilians. Once all ammunition is out, they are to switch to their sidearm immediately.

The rest of the team should split into two and rapidly advance throughout the diner and order all hostage-takers to surrender, using lethal force against any who do not comply after one warning. The team should strictly observe ROE, quickly eliminate any threats and make sure to restrain all hostage-takers and civilians in the diner. Entry team is to watch out for any egress (entry) points into the diner to make sure they are not ambushed.

Phase 3 – Assaulting the Exterior Garage
Entry team should form up and move along the quickest route to the exterior garage located on the left side of the building. Entry team should then make a dynamic entry into the garage using a breaching shotgun and flashbangs and split into two to clear left and right sides. Any threats along the way or during this assault are to be dealt with quickly using lethal force, strictly observing ROE and watching out for civilians. All hostage-takers and hostages should then be restrained after the assault is complete and the building is secure.

Phase 4 – Clearing the Rest of the Building

Once all threats are eliminated within these two areas, if there are any threats remaining, entry team is to form up and hunt them down quickly using lethal force. If there are none, entry team is to clean up the area of operation, collecting evidence, retraining remaining hostages and hostage-takers and reporting them. Once the mission is hard complete, the operation will conclude.

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