Ready or Not – Beginners Guide

A simple guide with some of the basic tips and tricks to get you swatting for days.

Tips and Tricks for New Players


So you’ve just started and you suck balls, or have no idea what your up too? Then this may help, or it may not, but its just for a simple bit of advice to you get guys out on the field and actually get half way through without losing your legs to a stupid door trap!

First Steps

  • So first things first, remember to check out everything in the setup area, from the locker room where you can edit loadouts, customise your operator or even add attachments to your favourite weapon. You also have the killhouse where you can practice your tactics and even get a feel for the basics and plan with your mighty squad. Take your time picking your loadout and talking with your team to make sure you dont all charge in with the same gear, no need to all have breaching shotguns when you could be using your loadouts wisely and having the right gear for the task!
  • Now, come up with a strategy, whos leading the operation? Get your roles sorted before heading in so you know what part your playing and what you need to be doing, know what tasks need to be completed, and how your going to approach each situation.
  • Each map is very different and things like enemy locations and civ locations tend to change with each playthrough so dont expect that one guy to be there next time, there could be 3 instead!
  • Now you know what your doing, execute the plan, stcik with your team or divide into 2 teams, have at least 1 member from each team with a mic, if not all members! use your teams body cams to check progress of what there up to and if they need assistance in whatever there doing!
  • Working together and planning accordingly can be the make or break of your team, so get it sorted!

Little Tips, with a Few Tricks

Just a few things i found out along the way that may come in handy for people who may not have known, here’s a few little tricks i learned and a few tips just to help you out.

  1. You can use the door mirror for looking round corners and over cover, not just for looking under doors!
  2. If you suspect there to be a door trap, peak through the door for an easy chance to get rid of that pesky trap!
  3. Don’t aim for the head, aim for the body, biggest target makes for an easy target!
  4. Constantly flashing your team when trying to get one through the door? make sure you stand nice and close and slightly to the side, if not then get some training in in the killhouse to perfect those throws!
  5. MIC, dont be that guy, even if you use it just to spot enemies/traps/civs, just use what yo momma gave ya and use your voice, it may be your best weapon!
  6. Keep killing civs and getting those F bombs? Try the TAC700 or beanbag shotgun and go for a non lethal run, not only does the tac kick ass but youll score alot more points and have no risk of killing those somewhat horny civs!
  7. Prepare for the task at hand, going to the hotel? the rooms are small and crowded, with a few long hallways, a mix of shotguns/smgs may be perfect for those close encounters!
  8. Dont be the barger, co-ordinate with your team and dont barge your way through, you could potentially kill yourself, or your squad if your not careful!
  9. Gas gas gas. Remember to let your team know, if they have no mask then they may be pi##ed.
  10. Teamwork. This game isnt cod, it requires thought, planning and teamwork, work together to get the job done!
  11. if your mic sounds quiet or someone elses does, go into settings and turn voip up and mic grain, seems to help!
  12. Be weary when arresting, they can change there mind once surrendered and put you down in a second, always be ready!
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