Orc Massage – Basic Guide for Newbies

Guide to Basics

How Massaging Works

Your First Massage technique is an AOE Massage, but too much of it could lead to cramps. So only use it when she has a lot of joints in surrounding areas. Its effective at clearing a bunch all grouped up.

Second Massage technique is your rubbing, use this one to bring circle joints up to a heart. simple as that.

Third technique is a patch job that is used to clean up your ♥♥♥♥ ups. The “X” marks on the body are your ♥♥♥♥ up, use the third technique to mend them.

Massage Sessions

Your Orc figure on the bottom right drains with each use of the techniques, this is your stamina, you need to watch it and train it as much as you can by buying weights to push up with. This will affect the first massage session and future ones.

This concludes the tutorial for the first Massage session.

The second massage session is the body massage session.

It rather easy, just hold down left click and hover around the body, find her sweet spot and hover over it until the heart turns green. She will have at most three special spots that can be found in order. not one before the other. So be quick and decisive. Otherwise its a cinch.

This concludes the second Massage tutorial.

The third massage session tutorial is literally you toying with her body. The idea is to find her sweet spots and play with them. Hold down click and move the mouse button, up down, all around, no matter. The goal is to get the white heart in the red. If it passes the red, then relax, stop touching her and wait for the heart to drop down. You can check this by tapping the sweet spots to bring up the meter.

This concludes the third massage tutorial.

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