Occult Crime Police – Full Game Walkthrough

A full-game walkthrough of Occult Crime Police.

Complete Walkthrough Guide

Act 1: The Waterloo Redemption

To Do: Get Past The Guard

  • Speak with Carlos and select the option “What To Do”.
  • Use the Show Evidence menu to show the Guard your Sheriff’s Badge.

Drang Persuasion

  • Choice 1: Use Blunt
  • Choice 2: Use Flattery
  • Choice 3: Use Logic

To Do: Speak with Agent Drang

  • Speak with Drang and select the option “The Murder”
  • Speak with Drang and select the option “Power Outage”

To Do: Investigate the Crime Scene

  • Examine the footprints in the kitchen

To Do: Examine The Body

  • Click on the dead body to get a close-up view
  • Examine the body’s missing shoe
  • Examine the ID card next to the victim
  • Examine the bruises on the victim’s arms
  • Examine the knife in the victim’s back

To Do: Speak with “Thought Influencer”

  • Go to the Warehouse and select the person taking selfies in the background
  • Select all available dialogue options with Paul Chritude

Act 2: The Gossamer Penance

Interrogation 1: Bottomi’s Confession

Present the Kitchen Knife on the statement “So I grabbed a nearby knife and… I stabbed it into his back!”

Interrogation 2: The Exact Moment of the Crime

  • Press the statement “When I stabbed him, he slumped over onto the floor.”
  • Select “Yes, very important.”
  • Present the Preliminary Autopsy Report on the statement “I only ever stabbed him. I didn’t beat him up or anything.”

Interrogation 3: That’s How I Beat Darsha

  • Press the statement “We walked into the kitchen together, and that’s when he broke the news to me.”
  • Select “Ask Him.”
  • Present Muddy Footprints on the statement “There was this big mud puddle outside. You couldn’t avoid stepping in it.”

Act 3: Further Inquiry Required

To Do: Speak With The Smart House A.I.

  • Click on panel showing “How can I help you today?” to speak with Harper
  • Choose dialogue option “Smart House” with Harper

To Do: Talk To Smart House Creator

  • Finish the steps for “Speak With The Smart House A.I.”
  • Go to the Office
  • Examine the computer
  • Examine the dot-matrix printer
  • Exhaust the dialogue options with Angie Neering

To Do: Explore the Rest of the House

  • Finish the steps for “Speak With The Smart House A.I.”
  • Go to the Bedroom
  • Examine the seam in the bedroom floor
  • Present Harper with the Trap Door
  • Go to the Contraption
  • Examine the lone shoe lying on the floor
  • Present the Missing Shoe when prompted with “Wasn’t there a shoe we were looking for?”

To Do: Find Out What Chritude Is Hiding

  • Go to the Warehouse
  • Speak with Chritude and select the option “Power Outage”

Chritude Persuasion

  • Choice 1: Use Provoke
  • Choice 2: Use Enthuse
  • Choice 3: Use Confront
  • In the Warehouse, examine the panel on the side of the house
  • Returning to Chritude, Present the Fuse Box Glitter
  • Select dialogue option “What Happened”

Act 4: The Terminal Denundation

Interrogation 1: Hacking the Smart House

  • Present Feedback Logs on statement “All I had to do was reprogram the alarm system to target Darsha and turn off stun mode.”

Interrogation 2: Faking a Crime Scene in 5 Easy Steps

  • Present Muddy Footprints on statement “I never even had to enter the kitchen myself.”
  • On “Do I Have Any Other Proof That Bottomi Was In The Kitchen?” select “Yes, I do.”
  • Present Chritude’s Photo

Interrogation 3: The Where, When and How of the Murder

  • Press statement “Mr. Darsha and I were in the smart house. He had just fired me.”
  • Ask for more information on “…where this all took place”
  • Present Recovered Shoe on statement “We were in the downstairs hallway at the time.”
  • Present Updated Autopsy Report on statement “The house stabbed him in the back, killing him instantly.”

Act 5: Occupational Hazards

Interrogation 1: my_testimony.txt

  • Present Trap Door on statement “He, of his own volition, decided to test out The Dressing Contraption.”
  • Present Neering’s Email at “Here is the proof that the scratches in the carpet are from today.”

Interrogation 2: my_testimony_FINAL.txt

  • Present Feedback Logs on statement “TNPTDDBTDCWABAA.”
  • At “Specifically, the entry at this time:” select “5:52 PM”

Interrogation 3: my_testimony_FINAL(1).txt

  • Present Neering’s Email on statement “Darsha was trying to shut down the Smart House project, so I had to get rid of him.”

Act 6 The Cybernetic Masquerade

Interrogation 1: my_testimony_FINAL(1)_LASTONEFORREAL.txt

  • Press Statement “As you surmised, we were both in the bedroom when it happened.”
  • Present Security Cam on statement “So I pushed him away from me, and then activated the trap door.”

Interrogation 2: my_testimony_FINAL(1)_LASTONEFORREAL(1).txt

  • Press statement “Just then, the power went out all over the house!”
  • On “Is this important information?” select “It could be.”
  • Present Prank Video on statement “I don’t recall anything else all that strange happening at the time.”
  • At “Behold, the identity of the person speaking to us through this monitor!” present HARPER’s profile
  • When asked where the real Angie is, respond “She’s dead.”
  • On “What is your last piece of evidence?”, present the Brochure
  • On the Brochure, select the column about A.R.M.s

Final Persuasion

  • Choice 1: Use Humanity
  • Choice 2: Use Logic
  • Choice 3: Use Fear
  • Choice 4: Use Logic
  • Choice 5: Use Humanity

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