No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle – Achievement Guide

This is a simple achievement guide. The list is pretty straightforward butbI break down the specifics and as it stands, set the record straight about the dreaded broken achievements facing us right now.


There are issues with four of these achievements right now which I describe in italics but please skip to the next section for the quick explanation if you’d like.

  • Got a head: Kill Skelter Helter in the tutorial.
  • Deliverance: Kill Nathan Copeland in Ranking Battle 50.
  • The Parade is Cancelled: Kill Charlie Macdonald in Ranking Battle 25.
  • Kill it with Fire: Defeat Matt Helms in Ranking Battle 24.
  • Not my Type: Kill Cloe Walsh in Ranking Battle 23.
  • Shake it up: Kill Dr. Letz Shake in Ranking Battle 10.
  • Slay of the Dragon: Defeat Ryuji in Ranking Battle 7.
  • Sublime: Kill Margaret Moonlight in Ranking Battle 4.
  • Spaced Out: Defeat Vladimir Taktarov in Ranking Battle 3.
  • Asura Asunder: Kill Alice Twilight in Ranking Battle 2.
  • It’s too batt: Kill Jasper Batt Jr. in Ranking Battle 1.
  • A Brother’s Nightmare: Kill Mimmy in Henry’s nightmare after saving him from Dr. Letz Shake.
  • High School Drama Pt.2: Defeat Kimmy Howell in the Ranking Challenge.
  • Ryan’s Bestie: Complete all of Ryan Yamazaki’s gym training. Clear these whenever possible as new stamina and muscle training becomes available when you reach the next rank.
  • To Court Death: Replay and defeat all 15 bosses in the Death Match mode.
  • Minigame Masteroo: Play all 8 job minigames at least once. The games are Bug Out, Lay the Pipe, Coconut Grabber, Pizza with a Vengeance, Man the Meat, Tile in Style, Getting Trashed and Stings So Good. All 8 will be unlocked after Ranking Battle 23.
  • Cat Lover Supreme: Help Jeane reduce her weight to 10 pounds or under. After each Ranking Battle, feed her premium food and go through the list of exercises with her until there are none left to do, then repeat after coming home from the next match.
  • Desperate Massacre: Kill 510 thugs. This achievement is mostly unobtainable at present due to a faulty tracker causing the counter to reset upon the completion of a stage. Dying and starting over from a checkpoint in a Ranking Battle does not work because when you resume the tracker dials back to the kills you were at before dying.
  • Maybe See a Doctor?: Enter all 14 bathrooms where progress is saved. There is one bathroom before the boss fights in Ranking Battles 50 through 1, as well as Travis’ own motel bathroom. This achievement is completely unobtainable at present due to a faulty tracker. Meeting all the criteria does not unlock this achievement at the moment.
  • It was a Desperate Struggle: Unlock the other 21 achievements for this platinum trophy-style reward. This achievement is completely unobtainable at present due to programming issues hindering Minigame Masteroo, Desperate Massacre and Maybe See a Doctor?. Meeting all the criteria is impossible at the moment.
  • Shinobu Strikes!: Kill Million Gunman in Ranking Battle 9.
  • Shinobu Strikes Again!: Kill New Destroyman in Ranking Battle 8.

Broken Achievements

Earning all 22 achievements right now isn’t possible. The best we can do without a patch from Engine Software is 18/22. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Minigame Masteroo requires all 8 side job minigames to be played, but one side job isn’t counter by the tracker, leaving everyone stuck at 7/8.
  • Desperate Massacre asks you to kill 510 thugs but resets the count anytime you finish a Ranking Battle or Revenge Mission. If you die and continue from a checkpoint, any kills since your last checkpoint are forgotten by the tracker.
  • Maybe See a Doctor? requires you to enter all 14 bathrooms, but one bathroom isn’t counted by the tracker.
  • It was a Desperate Struggle: This is a freebie for earning the other 21 achievements, but the other 3 are completely broken.
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