Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout – Achievement Guide

A quick guide to help you get every achievement in the game.

Story Related Achievements

The following achievements are going to be unlocked while playing through the game normally. No specific actions must be performed in order to unlock them,so im not going to explain anything to avoid spoilers.

  • The Adventure Begins
  • Alchemic Talent
  • Klaudia’s Curiosity
  • Creeping Shadows
  • Build a Hideaway
  • Castle Dragon
  • A Stupid Argument
  • A Lost World
  • Overnight Campout
  • A New Hand
  • The Abandoned Tower
  • A Mandmade Island
  • An Island Reborn
  • Beyond the Present
  • Weapon Forger
  • It’s a Small World
  • Item Cloner
  • Queen of Darkness

Alchemy Related Achievements

The following achievements can be unlocked by synthesizing certain items and unlocking certain recipes.

Find the Kurken Fruit!

You get this achievement after crafting the Reaper’s Scythe. The recipe is unlocked during “Taking the First Step:4” after reading “Gathering Methods”.

I’m a Lumberjack!

You get this achievement after crafting the Woodcutter’s Axe. The recipe is unlocked during “Taking the First Step:4” after reading “Gathering Methods”.

I’m Crushing It!

You get this achievement after crafting the Hammer. The recipe is unlocked during “Taking the First Step:4” after reading “Gathering Methods”.

Detonate and Decimate!

You get this achievement after crafting the Bomb Rod. The recipe is unlocked during “Taking the First Step:4” after reading “Gathering Methods”.

Fishing Master

You get this achievement after crafting the Fishing Rod. The recipe is unlocked during “Taking the First Step:4” after reading “Gathering Methods”.

Bug Catcher

You get this achievement after crafting the Bug Neet. The recipe is unlocked during “Taking the First Step:4” after reading “Gathering Methods”.

Total Mastery

This achievement requires us to get Ryza’s alchemy level up to 99. Crafting every recipe in the game will let you get pretty close to level 99,so don’t worry too much about this achievement at the start of your journey. A good way to farm alchemy xp is to craft items like the Red Stone,Philosopher’s Stone or the Philosopher’s Book.

Alchemy Master

You can get this achievement after unlocking every item recipe in the game and crafting every single one of them. There’s a total of 184 craftable items,and new recipes can be unlocked either by reading books or morphing an already existing item’s recipe. The books can be obtained during the story,through shops (Klaudia’s father and Fressher’s shop) and through sidequests.

The books that you will need are:

  • Beginner’s Book (Story );
  • Kurken Fashion (Fressher’s shop);
  • Materials Refined (Story );
  • Gathering Methods (Story);
  • My First Dessert (Fressher’s shop);
  • Solid Fuel Recipe (Quest);
  • Hideout Materials (Story);
  • Common Paper Recipe (Quest);
  • Cover your Bases! (Story);
  • A Lonely Alchemist (Story);
  • Let’s Plant a Garden! (Story);
  • Aroma Components (Story);
  • Champion’s Trials (Story);
  • Power of Nature (Story);
  • Book of Storms (Klaudia’s dad);
  • Fantasy Cloth (Klaudia’s dad);
  • Handheld Warheads (Handheld Warheads);
  • Lila’s Note (Story);
  • Prayer for Health (Klaudia’s dad);
  • Creating a True Key (Story);
  • Tao’s Note (Story);
  • Danger:Fire! (Fressher’s shop);
  • Moon Magic (Klaudia’s dad);
  • Rage of Gaia (Klaudia’s dad);
  • Travel Companions (Klaudia’s dad);
  • Power Manifest (Treasure hunt);
  • Sweets That Pop (Quest);
  • Purely Water (Quest);
  • Pudding Made Easy (Quest);
  • Jiggling Recipe (Quest);
  • Secrets of Alchemy (Treasure hunt);
  • Creation and Destruction (Quest) ;
  • Revelation Book (Quest).

Ultra Alchemy

This achievement requires you to craft a level 99 item;of course this means that you will need level 99 in alchemy. To aid you in this feat don’t be afraid to use the Item Rebuild mechanic.

Lost Alchemy Tome

You will unlock this achievement after finishing every single side quest in this game. No,Im not joking,you will have to go through this game’s 94 side quests before unlocking Pamela’s questline. Reaching the quest Ancient Knowledge will award us with the Revelation Book,unlocking the achievement.

World Creator

This achievement will require you to create a level 51 world through the Gathering Synthesizer. This can be achieved only after the story,since you will need the last Travel Bottle: Underworld.

Here’s the list of the Travel Bottles:

  • Sun: Unlocked through story progression;
  • Moon: Found in a chest in the Heretic’s Lab in the Pynnor Holy Tower;
  • Star: Found in a chest in the Abyssal Stairway in the Kurken Bunker;
  • Space: Traded to you by Klaudia’s father during episode 5;
  • Underworld: Obtained by defeating the Great Dark Element found in Limewick Hill,Main Road after finishing the game.

Exploration Related Achievements

The following achievements can be unlocked by slaying certain enemies,visiting landmarks and completing quests.

True Firepower!

You can unlock this achievement by obtaining every Power Reactor. There are 3 total Power Reactors to collect and install:

  • The first is unlocked by progressing in the story;
  • The second can be found in the Pynnor Holy Tower,Spiral Hall;
  • The third can be found in the Meteor Castle,Upper Waterway after crafting the bomb rod.

Furry White Wanderer

For this achievement you need to finish the Goat questline,which consists of 5 total quests:Sneaking Atop Trees,Adventurer,Traveling Goat,Monster Shadows and Return of the Adventurer. Finishing this questline will also award us with the Sweets That Pop book.

Island Specialty

This achievement requires you to finish Bascila’s questline,which consists of 5 quests:Goat Milk Delivery,Island Garden,Dessert Making,Specialty? and New Specialty. Finishing New Specialty will unlock the achievement.

Popular Islander

This achievement’s the last one concerning quests. It is unlocked after finishing Peter’s 8 quests long line,including: What is Alchemy?,Searching for a Scoop,Island Reporter,Dye House Reopening!,About Textbooks,Holiday for the Traveler,Doctor’s Memory and Interview Request,which unlocks our achievement.

Musclebound Alchemist

This achievement is pretty straightforward,it requires us to level Ryza up untill level 50. Note that the achievement means Ryza’s battle level,aka the one that increases with battle xp,and not her alchemy level. After finishing the story and defeating every boss you should already be done,or be at least pretty close level 50.

The Courageous One

In order to get this achievement you need to achieve the Braver role on one of your characters. Doing so is extremely easy in theory,since it only requires to get level 10 on all 3 roles (Offense,Defense and Support) but attempting to do so will turn out to be kind of complicated. There are many equipment combinations that work,so try to find one that fits your playstyle.Alchemy level 99 will make your life that much easier.

Fully Fatal Drive

To get this achievement you need to unleash every character’s Fatal Drive,a powerful move unlocked at level 40.Fighting the Eternal Sculpture in the Broken Defense Line is going to provide some easy chances to get this achievement.

Our Adventure Memory

As said before,you will need to unlock the Hideout. After seeing every single landmark and writing every single Record you will unlock this achievement.

Secret Treasure

To unlock this achievement you will need to complete your first Treasure Hunt. Treasure Hunts are little side quests where you will have to explore certain areas of the game to find clues;after gathering 5 clues you will be able to unlock a treasure. Treasure Hunts can be unlocked after finishing certain questlines:

  • Peter’s questline:
  • Romy’s questline;
  • Barbara’s questline;
  • Daniel’s questline;
  • Pamela’s questline.

Note that the random chests found throughout the world do not count towards this achievement.

Treasure Hunter

You can get this achievement after completing every Treasure Hunt available.

Godly Puni

Slay the Shining Puni found in Limewick Hill,Main Road. He can be found in the center of the map.

Fierce Valley King

Slay the Savage Assassin in the Valley Path,Liese Valley. He’s in the center of the map.

Holy Tower Sentinel

Slay the Mirage Master in the Sanctuary Garden,Pynnor Holy Tower. She can be found down the left side of the bridge,under the stairway.

Legendary Giant

Slay the Eternal Sculture at the end of the Broken Defense Line,Liese Valley.

Fallen Champion

Slay the Noble Paladin atop the Spiral Hall,Pynnor Holy Tower.


Slay the King of Storms in the center of the Ancient Battlefield,Liese Valley. You’ll need the Wind Shoes to reach him.

Elemental Slayer

Slay the 5 Great Elements. You will need to finish the game first,since the Great Dark Element spawns after finishing the main questline.

The Elements are:

  • Great Dark Element: Limewick Hill – Main Road;
  • Great Ice Element:Forgotten Altar – Sunken Mine;
  • Great Fire Element: Iron Race Summit – Weissberg Volcano;
  • Great Lighting Element: Heretic’s Lab – Pynnor Holy Tower;
  • Great Wind Element: Ancient Battlefield – Liese Valley.

True Queen of Shadows

After finishing the game you will be able to defeat a stronger version of the final boss. This can be achieved by getting the Travel Bottle:Underworld and creating a level 90 world (or using the password DU7U). It’s possible to win the fight with the same equipment used the first time,but strenghening it is,of course,strongly advised.

Atelier Ryza

Not related only to exploration of course,achieved by unlocking every other achievement in the game. Giving it its own section sounded too posh,not including it felt wrong.

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