MORDHAU – Patrick Bateman Build

Caution: Only sigma males will be able to operate this build.

Guide to Patrick Bateman Build


There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane, the vicious and the evil, all the mayhem I have caused and my utter indifference toward it, I have now surpassed. My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone. I fact I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no escape. But even after admitting this, there is no catharsis. I gain no deeper knowledge about myself, no new knowledge can be extracted from my telling. There has been no reason for me to tell you any of this. This confession has meant nothing.


  • Face: Plain
  • Age: 0
  • Eye Color: 5
  • Hair: Backslick
  • Hair Color: 14
  • Facial Hair: None
  • Eyebrows: None
  • Voice: Cruel
  • Voice Pitch: Max
  • Sculpting face: Basically make him look like a giga chad.


  • Body Type: Male
  • Fat: 0
  • Skinny: Max
  • Strong: Max
  • Skin Tone: 3


  • Torso: Workers Vest
  • Colors: Bluish Gray, White
  • Arms: Long Sleeve Cloth
  • Colors: Bluish Gray
  • Legs: Pants
  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Feet: Pointy Leather Shoes
  • Optional: some scenes he wears black leather gloves.
  • Hands: Veteran’s Glove
  • Color: Black


  1. Two-Handed Weapons: Battle Axe; Skin: Default; Color: Wood Color 1; Head: Berzerker Head; Shaft(UwU): Ergonomic Shaft
  2. Throwing Axe; Colors: Wood Color 4, Metal Detail Color 20
  3. Throwing Axe; Colors: Wood Color 4, Metal Detail Color 20


  • Brawler
  • Butcher
  • Fury
  • Huntsman
  • Bloodlust
  • Flesh Wound


How Do Use the Build

Hit the enemies with an axe in the face; their bodies will be dissolving in a bathtub in Feitoria.

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