Moonstone Island – Easy and Fast Fishing Guide

Small guide to quickly getting 1000 fish.

How to Get 100 Fish Fast

Before You Fish

Warning slight spoilers ahead!

You can start working on this achievement as soon as you buy the fishing rod but you ideally want to prepare correctly, here is a list of all necessary things to fully optimize the process.

  1. Having beaten the final boss, this helps as Waldo (Magic Man) will move into the village giving you easy access to the magic mirror which lets you teleport to the dark islands.

The reason to go to a dark island specifically is because it is the only place where the only fishing loot is Old Boots. These don’t require the fishing minigame to be played and are instead instantly reeled in. The average catch takes between 5 and 7 seconds in comparison to the 15 to 20 it takes to catch a normal fish and it doesn’t clog up the inventory.

  1. Having a Moonstone Charm of Dark Resistance. As previously mentioned you are going to spend a lot of time on the dark island and not loosing energy while on there is essential.
  1. Catch 1-3 Snorcko, each one of them will give a buff to the speed at which fish (or in our case boots) bite. You do not have to get them but they do reduce the time between bites a bit.
  1. Obtain the Moonstone fishing rod by completing the Fishing quest for Tobin.

Again, this is optional as it is time consuming but it helps in the long run.

Setting up a base next to the water on the dark island to quickly rest. This is optional since you will re-spawn on the island if you pass out anyways but it helps to keep things consistent.

The final setup looks something like this.


Once everything else is done all you have to do is sit back, put on a nice video and left click every couple of seconds. This is probably the most tedious and grindy achievement in the game but with a bit of willpower you too should be able to catch all 1000 fish.

Fun Fishing!

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