Moonstone Island – Deck Guide: Poison Infinite

A guide to creating and playing an unbeatable poison deck.

What Is This Deck Capable Of?

Built correctly this deck should be able to defeat anything including the final boss. Ideally once you get your turn it never ends until you can completely destroy your opponents. When you’re against multiple enemies it is not a true infinite but you’ll have more than enough energy to finish a fight without worry. If you’re against a singular enemy the deck becomes a true infinite and you can stack poison as high as you want.

(Here I tried to see if there was a cap to how much you can stack the poison. I can tell you the cap is not 9999.)

Team Composition

The MVP: Ribbite

The other two spirits in this comp can be interchangeable but Ribbite is an absolute must on the team. This lil’ guy’s Bouncing Bane ability will make wiping the board much faster and consistent just in case you get some really bad luck on your draws and you’re unable to set-up your killer amounts of poison.

Now a note about bouncing bane. The ability description may say random but I found it always follows an order in triggering when things are killed. The first enemy’s poison is always triggered first then the third and lastly the middle. This will be important to know and I’ll explain more in the playstyle section.

Stat priority: Get power to a level you’re comfortable with. You can dumpstat power and go full survivabilty but then it’ll take a lot longer for you to build up poisons to kill. I got mine to 22 then started putting everything into armor and vitality. Both are important. Poison goes through armor, completely ignore speed.

Cards for Ribbite

  • Accelerant+: The card that makes this deck a lot less tedious and much faster. Upgraded it can triple the poison on an enemy.
  • Reckless Gas+:The bread and butter. The only card I use to apply poison in my deck. Upgraded it applies X amount of poison onto a random enemy 4 times. With my 22 power the amount of poison is 11. 44 poison 1 cost card is quite ridiculous.
  • Bane+: Upgraded it’s a 0 cost that gives you 2 energy if there is only 1 enemy on the map. This is what helps you go infinite against a single enemy.

As for how many of each card you keep in your deck it depends on what you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind the lowest amount of cards you can have per spirit is 8. I personally keep 3 Accelerants. 4 Reckless Gas and 4 Banes. I’m working toward lowering it to 3 of each for 9 cards on Ribbite.

The Battery: Psychic

Any psychic type can work here. As you can see I’m using Beardini but I wouldn’t say Beardini is the best in slot. I’m currently working towards replacing Beardini with Mystislime which has the ability Slime Skill: Any time you play 5 skills in one turn, gain 1 energy.

I think the absolute best in slot here would be Minoot with the skill Shuffle Time: Every time you shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile, gain 1 Energy. Sadly I’ve hatched many psychic eggs and just haven’t gotten lucky in getting a Minoot yet. Yes Minoot is a spirit you can only get from egg hatching so until I find one Mystislime will have to do.

I don’t consider Magicat because its skill is really not useful since you can get enough talismans to upgrade everything. Of course this deck works regardless of the Psychic’s ability so you can also just pick your favourite psychic spirit.

Stat priority: Only armor and vitality are needed. The psychic is full tank support.

Cards for Psychic

  • Enlighten+: A lovely 1 cost card that triples your energy. It exhausts itself which is actually a blessing in disguise as with all the psychic cards I’ll be choosing.
  • Let go: Okay I lied this card specifically you DO NOT want upgraded. So I guess in that sense Magicat can sorta mess with this deck. Sorry Magicat lovers. What Let go does is allow you to choose 1 card to Exhaust and gain its energy cost. I’ll explain more later why this card is important.
  • Meditate+: A 0 cost card that draws you 2 cards and exhausts itself.
  • Open Mind+: A 0 cost card that exhaust itself and gives you 2 energy.
  • Premonition+: A 1 cost card that draws until your had is at 9 cards then exhausts itself.

So the number of each of these cards you have in your deck is actually a little more flexible. Once you get to playing with the deck you can adjust and add or subtract it until it feels more comfortable and consistent for you. The exception to this is Let go. I take Let go specifically for the purpose of getting rid of another core card I’ll introduce with the last member of this team comp. As for myself I run 5 enlightens which may seem overboard but I love that card. 3 Meditates, 2 open minds, and 1 premonition. You don’t have to worry too much about Keeping close to 8 cards here as all the cards exhaust however do keep in mind that the more you take the harder it’ll be to hit your initial set-up.

The Fill

Personally I use Dropple as healer. It nearly never comes back to my team for me to actually use regen however the most useful thing about having a water type is Holy Water+ a 0 cost skill card that removes all conditions from all allies. This is especially useful to clear conditions that stops you from using skills like tangle. Or if you want to clear off burn and poison from your own team but once again it shouldn’t often roll back to your turn where you’ll take damage. If you don’t think this is necessary you can fill in with whatever you desire like a fire or dark for more dps. Or maybe just your favourite spirit. Or if you’re using mystislime as a psychic you can take coolslime here to get the achievement: Terraria Forever.

The most important thing the spirit in this slot does is hold neutral cards and provide something that compliments the team.

Stat Priority: It really depends on what you decide to put here. Of course a basher wants speed an extra dmg source or healer wants power. The most important thing though is to make sure this spirit has a good amount of armor.

Important fill cards

These cards, since they’re neutral, can actually be on any of your other 2 spirits too. The reason I put them on my fill is because of the 8 card minimum limit. The neutral cards I use are also all self exhausting ones which eventually in play makes it so even your non-psychic ends up with nearly no cards left leaving you with only Ribbite cards.

  • Momentum+:This is the absolute 1 most important card you want to draw to be able to keep your turn going. After all no matter how much energy you have it’s all useless if you have no cards to play. Momentum is a 3 cost card that once played for the rest of combat you draw a card whenever you play a card. It also exhaust itself.

Now because of how essential this card is to the continuity of your turn it is VERY important to get it within your first turn. That is why I have 3 copies of Momentum+. Now you may realize there is absolutely no reason to play another Momentum that you draw after you played the first one. That is correct and it is where the psychic card Let go comes in. You use Let go to exhaust any momentums past the first copy so the amount of Let gos you have is always 1 less than the amount of your Momentums. So if you take 3 Momentums then take 2 Let Gos.

  • Refresh+: Discard your hand then draw that many. A great card to have for when you’re digging for Momentum or your energy cards. Best played after other card draw cards.

Less important fill cards

These cards I just have for some extra help in card draw and energy management. They might not be highly essential but I have them around to trim my deck even more because they also exhaust.

  • Blind Blow+: 1 cost that draws 2 cards and reduces their cost to 0. Feels great when it hits momentum.
  • Consume+: 0 cost that allows you to choose 2 cards to discard to gain 2 energy. Sometimes my hand just get really full and it’s only really helpful during the set-up phase.


As mentioned before Momentum is extremely important to get into play but so is getting your energy into a healthy spot.

In this first turn I have momentum as well as enlighten and premonition. Luckily I drew one of my 3 momentums. If I didn’t draw momentum I’ll use enlighten first then use any card draw I have in hand to try and find momentum. This is why 0 cost or energy positive card draw like blind blow is important. Also why it’s important to not make you deck too big.

This is after I played Enlighten -> Momentum -> Premonition. Now I don’t actually have to worry about card draw anymore as momentum is in play. My next priority is just getting my energy higher. I’ll consume 2 cards to bring my energy to 7 then use Enlighten to triple it to 18. (18 because enlighten uses 1 energy first then triples your remaining energy. It is useless to play enlighten with 1 energy.) I’m currently fighting only 1 enemy (because I was too lazy to fly further out to find a bigger fight for this guide) but lets pretend it’s more than 1 which is typically harder. So for now I’ll pretend my banes are useless and use them to fuel consume.

Oh look another enlighten and Momentum. Lets clean up our hand a little bit now. I’ll triple my energy again then use up my card draws.

Oh hey another enlighten. Well I don’t have to play it now. If I triple my 50 energy it’ll go above 99. Lets use consume and open mind instead. At this point I don’t need the energy but I’m just using up my exhaust cards except for the accelerant. Keep that enlighten for when I hit 33 energy. This is important for fights with more than 1 enemy since your banes won’t be giving you energy.

Well since I didn’t get my Let gos yet lets just start applying some poison. You don’t have to use your accelerants until you want to. Lets pretend this slime has 2 buddies and they all have 1000 hp.

Ah there’s my Let go. Use that on the momentum I’m still holding and use up any other energy/card draw that pops up and is exhaustible. If another momentum pops up just wait for let go to get rid of that one too. Note you can use the 0 cost banes as card draw when you have momentum in play. Even if there’s multiple enemies and they don’t do anything you can just cycle them out.

At this point you can just keep playing relentless gas if you want but we’re pretending this slime has 1000 hp and it currently has 363 poison. 3 accelerants is more than enough to deal with it. If there are 3 enemies always use accelerants on the first enemy first. Make sure the poison is enough to kill it then you can use accelerants elsewhere. Once the first one dies, with Ribbites ability, the poison will bounce to the third enemy. Then if the 3rd enemy dies the poison will bounce to the 2nd enemy. In this way you can chain the poison deaths. (If there are 2 enemies the one in the back takes poison damage first.)

Yea that might be enough to kill. With lots of energy left to spare. As you can see I have 9 cards in hand and 4 left in my deck. I’m still slimming down my deck and eventually I want that to be slimmed down to 0 or 1 left in the deck If I’m going to use Minoot that gives you back an energy each time you shuffle the deck. Which with this set up would be every card you play.

This was all accomplished in 1 turn. Of course if you get really unlucky during your initial draw and couldn’t dig for energy or momentum it may take you more turns to set up to this state. However these cases shouldn’t happen often with a well built deck. If this happens too often for you try getting rid of cards that are not essential and getting more 0 cost card draw (Meditate+) and 0 cost energy (Open Mind+). Or get more momentums/let gos. Find the right balance for you.

Also if you’re not trying to banish the spirit of course it’s fine to set your self up with 99 energy anyway so you can repeatedly try to tame it. I’ve used this to tame quite a few lvl 50+ dark types. Of course if you’re trying to fight things that much higher in level than you the most important thing you have to be able to do is survive the first turn AND not get your armor broken. This is why vitality and armor are by far the most important stats. As long as you can live through the first assault you win.

Hopefully this guide will help you build your own team compositions! Tell me what you like to use as a filler!

PS: If you really love Magicat and can’t bear to play any other psychic spirit then go ahead and play magicat. You’ll just have to manually play the unused momentums to exhaust them. Once you get to ridiculous amounts of energy it shouldn’t matter too much anyway.


So I just found this card in Magic Man’s shop and in the 42 levels of my Ribbite (With the secret cards unlocked in my skill tree) I’ve never seen it before. It is the first 5 star card I’ve seen and it can’t be upgraded. Needless to say I’ll be replacing an accelerant with this. If I can find more I’ll switch them all out.

Found another secret card. I’ll be replacing my open minds with this. I’m beginning to think that these cards don’t show up until you defeat [REDACTED].

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