Moonlighter – Perfect Bosses Run Guide (NG+)

New Game + guide with tips based on my own experience (and frustration) on how to deal with every boss without getting hit.


I just did the “perfect run” on bosses on my way to 100% achievement, so i thought i could make a little guide to help players that still have to tackle it. I’m a non native English speaker, so sorry if i make some mistakes here and there.

This is a NG+ guide, keep this in mind.

When you begin NG+ you’ll use your save data, and what carries over is your 2nd slot weapon,your money (+ a bonus, i think mine doubled), your amulets (except the dlc ones),and the first row of your inventory (the one you keep if you die in the dungeon).

Suggested Amulets

Luck Amulet: This is just QOL amulet, in NG+ you should start with enough money to buy everything from Le Retailer, the only catch is that you need to find the items you need, at least once inside the dungeon. This Amulet helps you collecting slimes and crystals for enchants since they drop way more often, and help you get all the item you need in a single run before making a portal in front of the boss/mini boss.

Wanderer Amulet: This ring increase your attack damage. You should keep it unequipped while you’re exploring the dungeon, and only use it for bosses/minibosses since the wanderer can’t spawn there.

Suggested Equipment

All bosses: Iron armor set to max upgrade allowed, Pirate Gauntlet with stun enchant, pink slime pet. (The slime/pirate fist combo allow you to stunlock bosses gaining a lot of free dps)

Naja only: Fabric armor, Pirate fist with fire enchantment AND sword and shield (even not upgraded) , damage dealer pet (i went with golem turret because it has 1.5 sec cd between attacks)

Portal Trick

Before entering the boss room do a portal and get back to town. Sleep, then face the boss. Instead of reloading if you get hit, do alt+f4 and force quit the game. I dunno why, but otherwise the portal will not save and when you load you’ll have to reach the boss room again, on foot. Once you force quit the game the first time, the portals stays on, so all you need to do is go back to the main menu if you need to reload. You gotta do this trick at every boss, obviously

Golem King

Average boss, the only real problematic attack is the golem arm toss,just attack whenever you feel safe.

His attacks are as follow:

  • Smash : It’s easy to see, he rises his golem arm then slam it down. Just roll away, once the attack is done it will drop stones that limit your mobility (rarely the stones will be in such a sh*tty layout that could cost you the run) don’t get hit, check the shadow to know where they’ll fall.
  • Slime Arm: After the stone toss, the slime will aim at you. It takes a while for this attack to go off, so get far away and start rolling sideways until the attack is done, the farther you are the easier is for him to miss. Once his arms is out, he’ll swing it so be quick to get closer to the golem to Iframe it with a roll,the closer you are the slower will be the arm movement. After 2 swings he’ll recall the arm, so be careful, you can still be hit in this animation. Step out of the way (check the slime position compared to the arm).
  • Force wave: He does this in between the attacks, doesn’t deal damage but makes you lose dps. You can roll through it.
  • Golem arm: Ok this attack is annoying. He’ll toss his hand in the air and it will fall on you 5 times, then the hand will go back to the main body. Once in the air, the hand will project a shadow on the floor. When it’s on you, wait a split second then roll. You’ll probably need some tries to get the timing down.

Carnivorous Mutae

This one is easy as hell since you’ll keep it stunlocked for most of the time,the only issue comes from the plants that he spawns, check your surrounding because they’ll start to shoot at you so be prepared to dodge, i ignored them and just dps rushed the boss.

His attack:

  • Projectiles: He tosses a bounce of slow moving projectiles, easy to avoid.
  • Seeds: He’ll spit seeds that will become plants, these plants will start shooting at you while you move/fight if not killed. I suggest to ignore them and just dps rush the boss, you can tell it’s spitting seeds by the sound since the boss is big enough to not fit entirely in the screen, use this time to attack him.
  • Body slam: He jumps on you,just roll away.
  • Vines arms: This is the one to watch out for, he plants his vines into the ground and they’ll start to chase you around the map sprouting from the floor and dealing damage on contact. Run around while rolling, you should manage to avoid them.


Ok, this dude. This dude is your worst nightmare. This A… erm this boss will run around the map, he’s fast, he has multiple body parts and each one do a specific attack. It’s extremely erratic in its movements and the fight it’s down to pure luck based on how often he’ll spam the bats.

Go fabric armor, you need the movement speed to escape and to chase him. Equip sword and shield in your second slot. Change pet to a damaging one. Your priority is to kill the third body part (The part with a square on it). Keep in mind each time you destroy a body part, smoke will start coming out of his head and HE WILL CHASE YOU dealing damage on contact,so when you destroy one get the F out.

I usually start the fight positioning myself on the 2 line of blue dots on the floor (the one slightly on your right) and do a fist charge attack,if aimed correctly you’ll get stuck between his second and third body part and he’ll sorta carry you around for a few seconds while you keep barraging him with punches, be sure to attack upward, if you attack sideways you’ll move yourself out of the body.

Once you’re down to a body part left he’ll start spamming that body part attack, the flipper attack, and the head slam. Your best bet is to attack him after an head slam and wait until he does another one.


  • Lava pool: this attack comes from the tip of the tail, he’ll shot some balls of lava that will form puddle on the ground, keep in mind this attack will damage you if it touches you while it’s still flying. Just roll away and be careful on where you walk afterward.
  • Flame bats: This is the 3rd body attack (Square) and the one will cause your runs to fail 80% of the time. They sorta home on you when it fire them, and they fly for a long ass time so just run away and be ready to roll. There are 3 way to deal with this attack, the worst one is to just keep kiting, after a while the bats will explode in a bunch of projectiles. The second way is to stick close to a wall, if the bats do a projectile attack and the hit the wall,they die. The third one is to use your shield. It’s quite buggy,sometime they hit you anyway and i haven’t found a reason, but you can use the shield to block them causing them to die. Keep in mind you’ll be staggered for a brief time after defending 2 hits. Now, this attack is problematic because it forces you to move around the arena, causing you to have the boss out of your sight. It also causes the flipper attack to bounce on the bats, which will f* you up big time if that happens since they will be chasing you and most of the time they will redirect the body parts on you.
  • Circle shaped projectiles: second body part attack and your 2nd priority, kinda dangerous until you get the hang of it. The projectile are fastish, it will shot 2 rounds of projectiles for three times. My suggestion is to dodge once sideways, and then toward the boss. This will avoid risking to dodge into the second barrage resulting in getting hit.
  • 3-way projectiles: this is the easiest one, and you can afford to pump in some dps while he does it. He shoots projectile in 3 direction and they rotate while he moves, so you just need to time the rolls. Use this attack to get closer to him since it’s the most predictable.
  • Headslam: This attack caused me to lose the other 19% of my runs. His head becomes orange and starts turning, pointing at you. Then he charges in your direction. Dodge AWAY from his head if you’re close, he can deal damage just by touching you while his head is rotating, and it rotates faster than you can run,plus the hitbox is huge compared to the texture so you’ll end up getting damaged even if you whiffed him. You can’t i-frame this attack but the dodge is still useful to get out of the way and hope he doesn’t hit you. If he does it while you’re far from the head it’s very easy to avoid by rolling on the sides. Also, you’re safe near the wall as long the attack is somewhat in a line and not extremely diagonal. The head will stop 1 cm or so from the wall, so run to it if you can. The rest of the body part will return to the head once the attack ends, so be quick and get in position to do some dps.
  • Flipper: His body parts will turn orange and will detach, moving randomly (often toward you) at the begin, then they will bounce off walls, when hitting other body parts, or by hitting the flame bats (damn buggers) dealing damage on contact. You can’t dodge roll them, they will hit you. Most people suggest to stick around the head and try to avoid them, i just say switch to sword and shield and get with your back next to a wall,shield up and just hold your ground. The shield act as a “wall” so the body part will bounce off you. After a while they will reconnect to the head, you can tell when because the head will start moving again. Be careful, they can start doing their respective body part attack even before reconnecting.
  • Chase: Every time you destroy a body part, smoke will come out of his head and he’ll start following you,dealing damage on contact. The head will turn around in your direction,so the only way to avoid this attack is to run away (This is why fabric armor is a must, imho), he’ll still do his body part’s attacks so you’ll have to juke him AND roll away from the projectile attacks. Hope you killed the Square body because if he also spawn bats here it’s a huge pain.

Once he’s down to the last body part, he’ll start spamming that part attack, the head smash, and the flipper attack. Usually the 3 way projectiles body part is the last one standing since it’s the harder to attack since closer to the head. I didn’t have any success chasing him to damage the last body section, it’s really risky, he could turn his head doing a head slam and just damaging you on contact. Just be patient, chase him, avoid the attacks and when he does a head slam or a flipper stick close to the wall (with shield up if it’s the flipper one) and be ready to punish him once he’s done,then get out of the way. Rinse,repeat.

This is the hardest boss, good luck!

Energy Flux

This is one of the easiest bosses, there are only 2 attacks that can screw you up. He teleports after every attack, and every time he reappear you have a few seconds to dps him.

  • Body Slam: the boss will become red and a trail of electricity will form from his location to a pillar on the border of the arena, showing the path he will take. Just move away.
  • Laser: This one is the attack that will mess up your run most often. It’s extremely easy to dodge, the issue is that you have a split second to react to it,it will swipe the arena from one side to the other. If you notice it in time you’re gold, otherwise.. reload.
  • Spinning red laser: he’ll spawn 2 laser that will circle around him, roll while dpsing him.
  • Electricity: this is the second troubling attack. It’s really easy to avoid, some electricity will form on the ground and after a second it will cause damage if you’re still on it. The only issue is that sometime the safe spot is in an unreachable location compared to your position.

Killed this one, you got your sweet achievement. Congrats!

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