Miss Neko 2 – Perfect! Achievement

Easy way to get the hardest Perfect! achievement.

All Bombs Are Free

Perfect! – last trophy. All another achievements “3 stars” you will get on levels before it. You can do it without bombs, but it’s too slow and randomly.

All types of bombs are free – you can set any number of them, motion will be lost only if you blow one. This way to complete level works since start, but you will really need it only in levels 25-30. Every bomb has a little cool-down.

If you didn’t reach all tasks during level or you don’t have enough points to get 3 stars (it’s hard on last levels), you can fix it by bombs. There are three types of bombs: vertical, horizontal and spike-bombs. 1 and 2 will help to destroy the objects (rocks, balls, ice), 3 – to get extra points.

30 Level

30 level is the hardest one, so look at it. In this level you will have only 30 moves, but a lot of tasks. To get the achievement you need to reach 3 stars.

  • Remove balls. You need to set bombs like on screenshot and click on any of them. You will waste only one move.
  • Now remove rocks and ice – set bombs like this. You will lose another move.
  • Most likely only paws will remain in your task list. Paws will be down while you will earning the points. Use spike-bombs to reach a lot of points – you can get 150-200 points for one. You need to achieve 3 stars before the last paw will get down.


With bombs you can get 3 stars on any level. Bombs can interact each other, if they on one line.

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