Miniland Adventure – All Biomes Guide (on the Surface)

This is the list of all the biomes.

List of All Biomes

Note: Credit goes to jARKO

All Biomes

  1. Oak forest

In the oak forest oaks dominate the flora, radishes grow wild and sheep graze on the green lush grass. This is your starting biome and one of the simple ones.

  • Resources here are: standart log, snone, acorn, radish, wool, sheep meat
  1. Grassland/meadow

The grassland is an open biome with no trees and plenty of flovers, broccoly is an common plant and sheep graze on the varios grasses. Builders bevare! This biome is as filly or more to clean up then the oak forest, thanks to the tall grass and flowers.

  • Resources here are: flover, sheep meat, wool.
  1. Mountians

The mountians are an difficult biome to travel in. Small values penetrate the otherwise smooth stone surface. In these values spruce trees grow and block the travellers even more.

  • Resources here are: Stone (a lot), dark logs, spruce cones.
  1. Taiga

The taiga or conifures forest is an colder replica of the standard oak forest, stones cover the ground and asparagus look from the ground and avoides being eaten by the TONS of goats found here.

  • Resources here are: dark log, spruce cone, stone, asparagus, goat meat, leather.
  1. Stone field

A sparse, more stony version of the taiga. Asperagus is more common and alpacas are roaming the stones.

  • Resources here are: dark log, stone, leather, asperaguss.
  1. Ice Cube Fields

Looking for an icy adventure? Then come here and have a great time! This biome is covered in icy cubes and sparse trees and snowed over rocks. The goat is an common sighte here. No cropps will grow in the thin soil.

  • Resources here are: Ice, snow, dark logs, spruce cones, goat meat, leather, stone.

7. Snowy taiga

Exactly like the taiga but with snowed over rocks instead.

  • Resources here are: dark logs, spruce cones, leather, goat meat, stone, snow.
  1. Red wood grove

The Redwoods are difficult to clear and travel in, red loos on the ground and stones block your way and tall trees with ridiculously long chop time provide hiding places for racoons.

  • Resources here are: red wood, redwood cones, stones.
  1. Bamboo forest

Just like the red wood but with bamboo and red pandas.

  • Resources here are: bamboo (just that, this biome is useless).
  1. Desert

This biome is much, much more open then the grassland, no animals, no trees, only a cactus here and there.

  • Resources here are: cactus, cactus fruit.
  1. Savannah

Unlike in the biodiverse lion king, this dry biome is the home for the ostrich and its delicious eggs. Tall grass is present and acacia trees cover the landscape.

  • Resources here are: (not sure wath color) logs, acacia seeds, feathers, ostrich eggs.
  1. Birch forest

The change of trees is to birch, animals are no more. The biomes now just seemed to merge, the only thing missing is the mole.

  • Resources here are: light logs, birch seeds.
  1. Maple/Autum forest

The devs just copied the birch biome.

  • Resources here are: Dark logs, maple seeds, maple syrup.
  1. Cherry blossom grove

The Cherry blosom grove (thats a mouth full) is an pastel pink biome with pink flowers falling from pink cherry trees, the cute cats love to live here.

  • Resources here are: pink log, cherry seeds (missed opportunity).
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