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Frequently Asked Questions

What has been added to the final version compared to the 2020 Demo version?

The release version has more than 4 times the content compared to the Demo, including new maps, characters, skins, and more. We also added voice chat, emotes, and DMs in the game.

When is the release date?

The party starts September 20th, 2023!

What is the price of the game?

The Standard Edition will be $20, while the Deluxe Edition will be $30.

Are there any new gameplay features?

Yes, the final version has unique mechanics for each map in Last Stand and Team Score matches, requiring players to master various skills and cooperate with teammates to achieve victory. For instance,

  • Trebuchet map: Players must launch bombs, defend their base, and disrupt the enemy.
  • Lollipop Factory: Drag gummies to base.
  • Buzz Ball: Basketball-like gameplay.

These three maps are all labelled Team Score.

Do I have to pay real money for these cute animals and outfits?

All base animals can be obtained for free in the game. Over 70%* of outfits can be purchased with “earned currency” gained through leveling up. Some outfits require Surprise Egg drawing. Players can obtain “Egg Coupon” by leveling up or through in-game purchases.

Note: Outfits provide no stat bonuses. They won’t make you stronger, only cuter.

Does it support local multiplayer?

Yes, up to four players can play on the same device. You will need at least a keyboard and a controller to have two players. Multiple controllers are needed for extra couch players.

Can couch players join online battles?

Yes, local couch players can play online battles in custom games.

Will there be no more delays?

No more delays, we promise!

Which languages will be supported?

The game will be available in Chinese and English at launch, with more languages added in subsequent updates.

Why no PS, Switch, or mobile, and when will the game be available on these platforms?

As a startup studio, we can only ensure timely releases on XBOX and STEAM platforms. Developing for more platforms requires additional time. We’ll begin working on other platforms after the initial release.

Will there be a public Demo before release?

No, but we’ll invite a limited number of players and media outlets for closed online or offline testings. We’ll also offer offline demos at some gaming events.

Will pet contest participants get their promised free copy?

Absolutely. We will reach out close to the launch.

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