Mini Motorways – Things I Would to Know as a Beginner

These are first 5 things that I wish I knew as a beginner.

5 Crucial Things to Know to Go Over 2000+ Pins

You only lose if the Workplace pins are not collected by cars

  • Which means you dont need to connect every house.
  • You may leave some houses without road connection.
  • You dont need a really big road connection. Remember that houses dont demand things It’s workplaces that produce pins that must be collected. Any house can pick it so make smaller segments that meet required amount.

Cars only start moving when pin appears

Houses have 2 cars each. which leads to 2 things

  • If the road is short (3-5 piece of road from house to workplace) even 1 house can support a square workplace because before a new pin is produced car will be back at its house for another pick up so it can leave again.
  • Generally mid-lenght distance (about 10 pieces of road) 2 houses for square and 4 houses for circle workplaces is sufficient.

Try to seperate different colors as best as you can to reduce traffic

  • Traffic means more travel time which leads to waiting pins, usually you want to add more houses to that road. Yes more cars means more pins picked but it also means more traffic and longer travel times so keeping your segments simple and isolated is important.

Make as less intersections as you can

  • Rather simple thing to know but intersections slow cars down sometime even force them to stop. so try to avoid them and try to make real life like road exits which are not usually 90 degrees but more like 30 to 45 degrees.
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