Manus Dei – Guide to Finding the Pocket

It can be hard out there for the wielder of the titular ‘Manus Dei’, however, rest assured that there is a very clear ‘pocket’ in this game and I’m going to teach you how to find it for yourself.

How to Find the Pocket


So, you’ve gotten your hands on the ‘Manus Dei’ itself… likely blew away at least one or ALL of the sacrifices and now find yourself wondering how you can get the highest score possible?

Well, let’s see if we can help with that!

All That You Need Know

These are thy commandments, in order of importance:

  1. Focus all of your shots on the ‘Puffer Fish’ guys that shoot at you over everything else. If you do this properly, you’ll have eliminated the largest threat to your run and can easily be in the top-10.
  2. Strafe around the map about halfway between the central stone tablet and the wall. If you hug the wall too tightly you won’t have anywhere to escape when the ‘Puffer Fish(s)’ in front of you shoots at you. Maintaining this distance will allow you to use the space between you and the edge of the map as a safety net for when you need to retreat away from their fire as you are waiting for your shots to connect.
  3. Everything else in the game is not a threat. If you focus the ‘Puffer’, everything else can be dealt with later as you are just fast enough to continually evade all of the enemies.

Bonus 1: Collecting the orbs/crystals seems to passively reduce the cool-down of the ‘Shift Ability’ and also allows you to use it for longer once you do use it.

Bonus 2: You can stop the next wave from spawning in the early-game by completely avoiding killing the flying heads until you want the wave to change. The more of these that you leave alive the more likely it is that the wave won’t advance until you’ve dealt with them. This will likely be patched unless it was actually intended.

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