Lumberjack’s Dynasty – Herb and Mushroom Spawn Locations

Herb And Mushroom Spawn Points

Over the course of my playtime I have collected a lot of herbs and mushrooms. I took my time to go to every spawn location of herbs and mushrooms all over the map. Haveing collected close to 8000 mushrooms the respawns of these area’s are randomized, I cleanpick the area’s of every herb and mushroom possible to manipulate the spawn. Respawn timer is 7-10 days in-game from when you pick them. Hence cleanpicking the area as you then will clearly see when the area has fully respawned easyer.

Shampoo and lotion crafted from the herbs sell for quite a bit, same for the mushroom dishes crafted with cooking. This has been a great source of in-come apart from selling dry planks, bark and woodchip crates.

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