Lords and Villeins – Background Scenery Achievement Guide

Background Scenery one of the rarest and one of the easiest achievement ever. Here I present a little guide how you can make it. This achievement is hidden, so be careful, the guide contains spoilers.

How to Obtain Background Scenery Achievement

So What You Need to Do?

It’s funny, but the tooltip for this achievement almost literally tells us what to do.

Replace the menu background with a custom save file.

So, yes. What you need to do is just replace background file with your save file. Not in the game, yup.


  • Have any game save file. Autosave fine too. Path (Windows):
    • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Honestly Games\Lords and Villeins\userid
  • Find a folder with backgroud. Path (Windows):
    • %STEAMFOLDER%\steamapps\common\Lords & Villeins\Lords and Villeins_Data\StreamingAssets\MainMenu
  • Rename file menugame.sgz (Just in case)
  • Copy your save here
  • Rename your save on menugame.sgz
  • Launch the game. When the screen loads, you will see your town from the save and an achievement notification.
  • Enjoy the achievement!
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