Legends of Idleon MMO – How to Get Tons of Bars

Useful Tips for Farming Bars

The Ore Auto-Refill from w3 Construction arm only refills your ore on session (alt change) so your bar production is capped based on your Ore capacity.

This Means if you had 100 Ore capacity and a Bar cost 1 ore to make, If you were offline for a day or 10 years, you would only get 100 bars (+ multipliers from upgrades etc) – This is important for Godshard bars since it costs 15’000 Ore, you had an ore capacity of 29’999 that would be the same as 15’000+ since you cant make a second bar.

How do I actually make the 100 thousands of bars?

Simply Archers with the talent Smeltin Erryday (Tab 2, talent 11).

  • This does not get affected by MK if online, but does get affected by MK if offline!
  • You will move archers to do combat in a high kph map (like gmush) and do 2min claims. With proper kph you will cap your bars each time. Alternative is to use Candy (1-2h candy since Each 1h candy is the same as a 2min claim for the bars)
  • There are some variables to your “claim time”, typically it would be way under 2mins. But for people still progressing it may be worse, since their Talent isnt as high, their kph isnt as good.
  • You do NOT need to remove bars from forge.

How do I increase my ore capacity + Bar Production?

  • Forge Upgrades + Gemshop for faster production and multi-bar chance
  • W5 Achievement 5M Citringe is +50% Capacity
  • Arcade gold coin upgrade (as of writing this currently not on rotation)

W6 New!

  • Godshard Card. Huge buff to Forge CAP + SPEED! (180% for both!)
  • Forge Stamp. +x% Forge Max capacity (easily hits 40%+ quickly)
  • Oil, +multi bars from oil, W6 oil > W5 oil > Rest. aim for w6 oil, but it’s daily! (+60% Extra bar)
  • New bribes from a pretty deep Sneaking Jade emporium unlock (Massive 1.3x multiplier, if you’re at 100k, that makes it 130k!)

Make sure you get everything, Godshard cards I was getting 400+ cards per 72h candy. (get 100%+ skill effy, max skill speed 62/min, then wear cardchance cards (you can snapshot and candy with it and change to other cards like afk gain etc.


Max Ore Cap+Speed, toss archers to high kph map, do 2min claims on alts.

With lvl 160 stamp and Ruby godshard card:

  • Per 2min claim per Slot (so 16x these)
  • 117-119 marble (1872x full furnace)
  • 33-34 godshard (528x full furnace)

My ore Cap is 111k atm, thats 7 bars base (105k+ ore).

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