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We have tried to collect a list with answers on the most Frequently Asked Questions we thought you might ask us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ships At Sea?

    • Its our new game and you can look forward to numerous new, expanded features and brand-new gameplay mechanics, where you can experience and navigate fishing, service and cargo ships in a highly detailed world over Værøy and Røst in Lofoten, Norway. We aim to deliver a next-gen ship simulator, using the latest graphic technologies available in Unreal Engine 5.

    When is the release date?

    • The game is currently planned to release in Early Access 23th of May 2024 at 12:00pm CEST on Steam and Epic Store. Microsoft Store will follow a bit later.

    Will it be available on consoles?

    • We plan to release the game on XBox X|S and Playstation 5 after our early access period is over in 2026.

    Will it be multiplayer?

    • Yes, our game will support multiplayer with up to 4 players.

    How many boats will be available?

    • Early access will start out with a limited amount of boats, then we will add more boats and features during the early access period.

    Can I experience bad weather?

    • Our plans is to have a more dynamic weather where you can experience storms and really bad weather conditions throughout the seasons.

    Can I be a tester?

    • We do not plan to run closed testing!

    How much will the game cost?

    • The price will be €24.99 or $24.99 USD. There will be a 10% discount for a week on launch!

    Will there be mod support?

    • We hope to add mod support in the future, but this will probably happen after the full release of the game.

    Where are the game location set?

    • This time you can experience a open world in scale 1:1 around Værøy and Røst, part of the majestic Lofoten in Norway.

    Why don’t you add multiplayer in your previous games?

    • Our two previous games was only made as a singleplayer game from the start. When we started out creating, designing and developing Fishing: Barents Sea and then Fishing: North Atlantic, we was a small team of four people, that has now grown to 14 people. To be able to do a multiplayer game based on the same experience from our previous games, we had to create a whole new foundation to be able to support such a feature. This is what we aim to create with Ships At Sea incl. storms. Stay tuned for more details coming over the next weeks & months!

    When can we see bigger boats?

    • Our Early Access release will start with the smaller classes of boats. Following real-life procedures, you start with smaller boats and gradually work your way up as you obtain your next boat certificate and thus unlock larger ships. During our EA phase to the final version, there will be three major updates with the next classes of ships, up to the larger ones. Followed by interesting gameplay that has never been featured. The key art of SAS gives a hint about the final ships, for cargo, service and fishing. After the final version we plan to come with more types of ships, new maps, gameplay and features. SAS is our long-term project.

    How will multiplayer work?

    • Our initial Early Access release will only support that each player have their own boat, then we’ll see during our Early Access period to expand this feature!

    What languages will be supported?

    • Our initial Early Access release will be in English and Norwegian, then we will add more languages for the final release! We aim to support the same amount of languages as in our previous games.
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