Internet Cafe Simulator 2 – Cracker Achievement Guide

For those who struggle with this achievement!

How to Get the Cracker Achievement

While having the cmd console up on the left side of your screen, bring up your internet (www) on the right side of your PC and click on Cracked. Itll give you an IP number. In your console command type: join server (IP given on your cracked website) i.e “join server 173.453.23.1”

Once youre into the cracked server. Click the how to crack button on the top right. It will explain how to crack a game.

View a game itll give you and ID. i.e 542Dg6h or something like that

In your command console you have to send packets to that game to find the right port

So in the command console you’ll type “send package (or packets or whatever i cant remember itll tell you in the How to crack menu) (Game ID) (number of packets to send at a time)

Example command “send package 542Dg6h 30” this will send 30 packets to the game ID you wish to crack

Keep sending packets to that game ID until you find the right port, it will tell you the correct port once you find it. remember that port number.

Now to crack the game youll enter the command “crack (Game ID) (Correct port number)

Example would be “crack 542Dg6h 173”

Itll crack and download to your PC. Achievement done!

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  1. It’s case sensitive. The command is lowercase & the Game ID is in uppercase. The correct example should be “crack 542DG6H 173” else you will see “Command not found”.

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