IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad – Getting Stable 90FPS in VR (Reverb G2) with GTX1070 or Better

This guide shows how to get good maximum performance in VR with older hardware.

About This Guide

This guide tries to help others to get maximum performance and a stable 90fps frame rate in VR (G2) in il-2 BoS with older graphics cards (gtx 1070 or better) as the availability of new graphics cards is currently very bad.

While the resulting visual quality is pretty low, spotting and reading the text on the instruments and gauges is still possible.

With these settings and similar hardware, you should be able to get steady 90fps in a quick mission with 10 planes and lots of ground units.

Author’s specs:

  • gtx 1070 dual oc
  • 32GB ram
  • installed on sata SSD
  • Ryzen 5 3600 4,2ghz, 6-core, SMT disabled, PBO on, auto oc on

There seems to be a lot of headroom with that cpu and the amount of ram. 16GB should be enough. The bottleneck is the GPU on this reference system.

Steamvr and Nvidia Control Panel Settings

  • Open SteamVR settings
  • Leave everything on the global settings on except for the resolution, change from auto to custom 100%
  • Go to video options, select application specific settings and select il-2 sturmovik from the drop-down list
  • Set the resolution close to the native resolution of the G2, about 50-60%, almost disabling all supersampling
  • Set motion smoothing to disabled

  • Open Nvidia Control Panel by right-clicking on the desktop
  • From the 3d settings global options tab, set the power setting to maximum performance
  • Leave the virtual reality prerendered frames to 1
  • Leave the application specific settings as default or reset to default
  • Navigate to resolution settings
  • If you have a high-res monitor, for example 4k, change the display resolution to 1080p. This has effect on vr performance

In-game Graphics Settings

  • The resolution setting does not affect the VR resolution, it sets the game window resolution for the monitor. This has an impact on the performance. I have set mine to 800 x 600
  • Shadows quality low
  • Mirrors medium
  • Landscape detail normal
  • Landscape filter blurred
  • draw distance 70km
  • terrain roughness low
  • grass off
  • Clouds quality medium
  • Target FPS is not relevant in VR, it uses the refresh rate set in WMR Portal. I suggest lowering it just to make sure it doesn’t unnecessarily try to render the external monitor image really fast.
  • Dynamic resolution factor. This is a powerful setting, as it dynamically changes render resolution to try to keep the max fps. 0,8 seems to do the trick for staying at 90fps
  • anti-aliasing off
  • On the right side list, enable only 4k textures

Other Tips

  • Use the public beta versions of steamvr and wmr for steamvr
  • update drivers and OS
  • close all extra running applications before launching il-2


  1. Hi just a question if you are monitoring. I recently upgraded computer to I7 10700 k and RTX3080 HP reverb G2. No matter what I do IL2 frame monitor shows 45 / 45 I am new to WMR and previously had a Rift s and it was always out of 80 frames On the new steamVR I cannot find reprojection controls and it is driving me crazy as there appears to be no online information. i hope you can help.

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