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A walkthrough of Tin Man Games “House Of Hell”.

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Tonight is gonna be a night to remember…

It’s dungeons&dragons meets hammer horror in this adventure. This time you are not a sword-wielding, spell-casting hero but an ordinary mortal on earth.

You are stranded late at night when your car crashes in the remote countryside, during a violent storm. But then you notice a flickering light at an old house nearby. What a stroke of luck….or is it?

You discover too late that the dangers of the storm are nothing compared to the horrors that exist within the haunted house. You must destroy the evil in the house before you can escape to freedom….


This game has a new mechanic: Fear score. At certain times when you get a fright you collect fear point(s). If you reach your maximum fear score you die of terror there and then!

This game is not too bad on the stats. The final battle looks tough at first, but you get a huge boost to your attack strength if you find a certain weapon.

Stats are calculated slightly differently in this game:

  • Hardcore Hero: Sk= 1d6 +6, St= 2d6 +12, Lu= 1d6+ 6, Fear= 1d6 +6
  • Medium mode: Sk= 1d6 +6, St= 2d6 +24, Lu= 1d6+ 6, Fear= 1d6 +9

The only absolute requirement is that you’re gonna need a maximum Fear score of at least 9 to succeed, even on the this playthru.

In Hardcore Hero mode your attack strength is reduced by 3 from the start until you find a WEAPON. If you have to make a skill test, it is calculated as usual.

The real challenge on this one is finding the exact route to success. There is very little room for error. Many of the rooms are just tricks/traps to raise your Fear score or reduce your Stamina, but If you miss something, that’s it, you’re done for. There are several items to be found, which in turn require you to find info/items to get them.

Unlike Ian Livingstone’s books which tended to be combat-heavy, this is a classic Steve Jackson title, with the emphasis on puzzle-solving. As with his classic “The Citadel Of Chaos”, once you know the route, it’s an easy game to complete, even on Hardcore Hero.


This game has a nice easy intro, no tough battles straight off the bat this time round….

This first bit is optional for extra background clues:
Creep round the house to investigate.
Walk up to one of the windows.
Continue round the house.
Listen for a little longer.
Then return to the front door and use the door knocker.

Use the door knocker.
Study the paintings.
Beautiful young woman with tiara. +1 fear
Wait to see what happens.
Relax & drink the brandy. -1 fear
Red wine. Do not drink white wine in the house of drumer!
Choose lamb or duck. It doesn’t make any difference, as long as you eat something.
Fruit, coffee & brandy. Do not eat cheese in the house of drumer!


You are in the ERASMUS room.
Hang out your clothes and climb into bed.
Try to break down the door. -2 sta
You feel the door is too strong & don’t try again.
Hide behind the door.
Attack him. Hunchback: Sk 7 St 9 Reduce him to 4 sta or less.
Force him to answer your questions.
Ask about the people in the house.
Go left.

Enter the AZAZEL room.
Investigate further.
Examine liquid vials.
Yellow. (You will lose no stamina for next two injuries.)
You approached from the right.

Ignore the MEPHISTO room and head towards two doors in the corner of the landing.
Ignore the BALTHUS room and go thru other door.
Ignore the DIABOLUS room and investigate window.

Try the unmarked door.
Search the shelves. +garlic, +WEAPON (restores attack strength)
Ignore liquid and return to landing.
Ignore the second unmarked door.
Turn left into the passageway.

Ignore the EBLIS room.

Enter the ASMODEUS room. +1 fear
Fight white-haired man. Sk 7 St 9 Win one attack round.
Hold up your hands.
How you can convince him?
How can you defeat the master?
Follow him out.

Continue back towards the landing.
Ignore the TUTTIVILLUS room & follow the passageway round.
Try the unmarked door.
Investigate the bedside table.
Eat the snack. +4 sta, +1 luck
Leave the room.

Ignore the BELIAL room & enter the ABADDON room.
Walk over and wake her up. +2 fear
Wait to see what happens.
Ask her for information.
Fight two great danes. Sk 7 St 6, Sk 6 St 6
Remain to search.
Ask about secret rooms.
Yes, you know her name. (Mordana)
You asked about secret rooms.


Try the door on the left.
Have a tipple from the decanter. +3 sta, + hip-flask of brandy
Examine the fireplace.
See what lies behind the wooden face.
Try another approach.
Move back towards the window.
Press it. + 1 fear

Luck test. Pass: ok, Fail: -1 skill
Hide behind the door.
Step forward and announce yourself.
You have met him before.
Jog his memory.
Offer him a drink of brandy.

Follow the passageway. +1 fear.
Hide under the stairs.
You have some information from Mordana.
Look for secret doors.
Try a password. (You know the password is the name of the house, mixed up.) Murder
Enter. + Kris Knife, +3 luck
Leave the way you entered & climb the stairs.

Enter door opposite. +1 fear
Investigate the room further.
Grab the case & take it with you.
Dive thru the mirror. + golden key
Try right-hand door
You have a golden key. +2 luck, + cast iron key numbered 27
Step back thru the mirror.
Follow the hallway round to the right.

Try the door on the left.
You have a cast iron key.
Ring for the butler.
Attack Franklins first.
Continue pursuing him.
Fight Franklins. Sk 8 St 8 (Kris knife gives you +3 A.S.) Win one attack round, then:
+ 3 fear
Yes, you have the Kris knife.
Fight the hell demon. Sk 14 St 12

(At first this looks like a terrifying opponent, but the Kris knife gives you +6 A.S., which makes it a cakewalk even if your skill is only moderate.)

You have completed your quest & escaped from the house of hell. Yay!

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