Homeseek – General Guide for Part #1

Some generic tips for a walkthough of part 1 (on normal difficulty). I assume from spoiler pesrpective, that you finished map 2 and 3.

High Level “Orientation” – Difficulty Level, Survival Mode And Generic “Feel” Of The Game

  1. The game is very difficult. Definetly not for casual RTS experience. Feels more like a chess game, with very agressive strategy* needs to be pushed from 1 min. of the game, till the end of each map.

*I will mention some of the core focus, I have been using. But it’s not much spoiler: reduce water and food consumtion. To be continued.

  1. Survival mode is a suicide mission. It creates exponential stress on the player. If you skip one research on the exploration map, etc. you may screw everything. Also, since the balance of the game is also very “borderline suicide”: if you play disable survival mode, at least you know, you are not totally our of the intended boundaries. I mean, far too much people, missed some research object on the exploration map, etc.

So first, I don’t recommend Survival Mode at all.

  1. On normal level, with agressive strategy, I could play through part 1 with relative few casualties. I think, some dead people is unavoidable, if you want to stay sane and at least midly don’t stress out 100%. I mean, some die during exploarion events. Or some of them die due to “normally” contaminated food stuff.

Focus Points to Agressively Stratetize

As mentioned in the first section of this guide: you need to push very aggressively you strategic focus points to be able to stay afloat.

  1. Reduce water and food consumption. Without much spoilers – assuming, you played at least the 2-3th map: there are buildings and laws for this. Laws not so much early game. Food distribution and water distribution center. They should be first to built – after water and food storage on day 0.
  2. Exploration from night 0. This has been emphasized by the devs as well. Pushing exploration is a must. This is obvious from the mission pacing as well. But it should be basically never stop. If they come back, the night the next team should leave if resources allow it.

By the way, exploration starting at night is always the best, because food and water get consumed at morning. So if you time it after morning, you might have not enough resources for the expedition.

  1. Community center and laws at day 0 if possible: Eyes Peeled for scrap! Increase worktime, etc. They are increadible helpful.

Less important focus points:

  1. Weather station: also important from map 3 and needs only scrap.
  2. Build night water collectors to supplement water collection.
  3. I was not taking all the people every time. They consume your food. So if you know the map’s food limit, feel free to reject them.
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