Heroes Wanted – How to Get Started

Helpful Tips on How to Get Started

Let me give you a few tips on cards that I think are good:

  • Knight is kinda good. Not amazing, but OK. You definitely don’t want more than 1 in end-game.
  • Warrior is pretty good. Was nerfed, but still decent. Probably only want one end-game, but maybe 2.
  • Mage is great. Want 2 or 3 end game if you can swing it.
  • Priest is good. Having around 2 Priest-likes in end game is good. (Elf Priest is bad.)
  • S. Shieldebearer is AMAZING. BEST CARD in the game, for the most part. You want basically as many as you can get. Having 3 in the end game is great. The final end game boss used to require having more because he makes them leave your deck though but not sure how he was reworked. Still, it’s good against the Goblin boss of the 2nd-to-last world. And I would still try to have 3.
  • Berserker is OK, and one of the only people good to put a Club on. I wouldn’t take more than 1 good single-target damage dealer for each color, including Knights, Warriors, Berserkers, etc.
  • Morina is fine. Take her if you find her.
  • Anachne is fine. Take her if you find her if you don’t already have a well-oiled machine going. If your deck is already amazing, just throw her to the curb.
  • Elf Paladin can be niche if your deck is struggling and you need to try and cheese. Don’t put him in a well-oiled machine. Also a good candidate for the Club.
  • Little Elemental is I think new? Or he’s new to me. Similar to Anachne, but worse. Only take him if you have a lot of one color and not so much of the others.
  • Saint of Radiance is good! Take her if you have good cycle. She makes most decks better. Kind of like Elf Paladin with the cheese but it’s passive cheese so it’s ok. Keep in mind, all the non-leader cards you get make the Red Flag worse, if you get it (OP artifact).
  • Quakebringer: Similar to Elf Paladin. However, he’s a candidate for the single-target damage dealer too because his attack is just so high.
  • Brutal Cleaver can be a single-target damage dealer replacement too.
  • Light Guardian is AMAZING! You want 1 or 2 Light Guardians or Priests. Preferably 2. One of each is fine.
  • Lonely Wanderer is the only card that can make me question if S. Shieldbearer is the best card in the game. Take EVERY SINGLE GASH DARN Lonely Wanderer you have the luxury of laying your eyes upon. Makes every deck better. Maybe unless you literally have your hand size + 3 cards in your deck but even then, she wouldn’t hurt, to be honest.
  • Sage Arana is amazing. A good Wizard replacement.
  • Ska is terrible, but pick him at least once since there’s an achievement tied to him. (Same with Tundra Hornblower, though she’s not the only way to get that achievement.)

And that’s it. All the other cards are either bad, or I haven’t seen them yet. Of all the cards I’ve seen (and it’s most of them), I wouldn’t take them when offered them. You WILL get good cards eventually, just wait. Your starting deck is fine until then.

Another Tip: try to take no damage, even if it makes the fight longer. Bosses are an exception. Unlike Slay the Spire and other games similar, you can basically turtle almost every fight if you want. Enemies don’t just get stronger over time.

By the way, the Wizard Alliance starting deck is BY FAR the best. It was the best BEFORE the patch but it got majorly buffed. Of your 9 starting cards, only 1 is good but SIX of the bad ones literally auto-eject themselves from your deck, lol. You only have to worry about removing two cards, the Librarian and the Magic Flame. And furthermore, Straws and Boulders are even stronger than before. It’s wild to me they buffed what was ALREADY the best starting deck.

Band of Thieves has 9 bad cards out of 9, and none of them leave. Oof.

Civil Defense has 15 bad cards out of 17. 12 of them can leave… but it’s RNG and depends on you doing something you shouldn’t do anyway. Pretty frickin’ lame.

And Merc Trainees has 8 bad cards out of 9, but 5 will transform into something else. It’s kind of a fun game to do it, but you’ll likely be left with 3 or 4 crappy cards from it so it’s not all that great as it sounds. Just because it’s better than what you started with doesn’t make it good. Unlike Slay the Spire….it’s very easy to min-max exactly what you want in this deck. And you don’t random crappy common cards. So in the end, you have to remove 6 or 7 cards on average.

Another Tip: It is my opinion that most of the starting artifacts are bad but Leather Glove is Amazing, and you can take Glass Marble to help offset its downside. Polyhedral Dice is also good. All the rest seem very weird and niche and change your play in ways that are unnecessary. Take them if you like them and think it’s fun but I recommend these three!

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