Halls of Torment – How to Do the Main Weapon Only Build

In this guide, I’ll show you how to do the simple yet powerful, main weapon only build.

Guide to Do the Main Weapon Only Build


There are a few advantages when it comes to main weapon only build:

  • Focus only on powering up your main character, so that you could reach high dps faster.
  • Simple, does not ruin your fps in high Agony lvl.
  • Fewer traits to pick, after picking all traits you can lay back and watch your character go brrr.
  • Useful for bottle, equipment farming and achievement hunting.

Stats to Prioritize

You’ll want to hit as many enemies as possible, to avoid damage overflow and to apply more on-hit effects.

  1. Attack speed and multi-hit
  2. Range and area
  3. Any other damage stats
  4. Defensive stats


Here are some best in slot equipment to go for, based on the prioritized stats above. Note that there may be some better equipment for certain character, these are just equipment that is best for generic purposes.

  • Mark of the Arrow (must-have)
  • Headwear: Wind Crown
  • Necklace: Jade Amulet to reach level 40 faster, or Scars of Toil.
  • Ring: Echoing Band for physical damage dealers, Copper Ring and Wooden Ring for crit, Guiding Star for standing still builds, still somewhat good for 10% movement speed and attack speed when moving.
  • Garment: Hunter’s Garb/Defiant Plate. I prefer Defiant Plate more since it’s better against ranged enemies/enemies with high movement speed.
  • Footwear: Plated Boots (not many good equipment in this slot to go for)
  • Gloves: Hunting Gloves/Quickhand Gloves

Example build for Beast Huntress:


As many Reverberant Tinkture and Potion of Memories as possible. Other potions are good to have but not mandatory.


You’ll want to have open at Archer and the character you want to build.

Weapon Proficiency and Proficient Stance

  • Pick all Quickdraw and Barrage traits from the Archer.
  • Then use Potion of Memories to choose any of the other Weapon Proficiency and Proficient Stance trait you want to have, prioritize tier IV traits.
  • Use Reverberant Tinkture to double up Quickdraw IV and Barrage IV since only them have base attack speed and base multi-hit.


Pick anything that is not movement speed. I personally prefer defensive stats (regeneration, defense and block strength).

Final Results

Tested on Cleric and Beast Huntress, can reach Frozen Depths Agony IV easily.

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