Gemcrusty – Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Some Achievements


This is my first time making a guide so formatting might be a bit funky!

Only doing the more complicated ones, hidden ones, or ones i can give tips on!

  • A Price to Pay (Pressed any button for 55,555 times)

For this one through the whole game press both the “S” key and the down arrow when doing down in the mines! Since they do the same thing they double the count and for the long run it helps :thumbsup:

Also once you have finished the game and also still have this you can have one hand on ” A, S, D” and the other on the left, down, and right key and play that sucker like a piano till you get it.

  • Ora! Ora! Ora! & skilled. or Cheated? (persistently attack dummy and achieve a score of 10, 13)

If you can tap fast you can try and do the first one normally in the time span given (which is about 2 seconds) but a helpful way to do it is by spamming both the “A” key and the down left arrow at the same time.

  • The Explorer (Complete the game)

The game completes once you find each of the gem girls including finishing the final boss. Note for the final boss: the mole things can be defeated by Philly’s attacks as well as yours. Keep in mind if you do hide in a small safe zone area there is a high possibility that the mole will spawn on the same tile as you.

  • Lack of Spark (Failed to brought gem girls with you)

Pick the dialogue option that describes the MC (main character) leaving like in ruby’s case picking the option to find new clothes to wear.

Hidden Achievements

  • Gem max relationships x7

Once you have found them and brought them back to the surface make sure to talk to them each time you go back up! After doing this a max of seven times (the most events being with padparadscha and the least with ruby) you will unlock each of there respective achievements.

  • ??? (Found Narin’s lantern)

Interact with the lantern next to the piece of amber and across from the coffin where ruby is and ding it to get the achievement.

  • Anti-Socialize (Avoid any conversation until you found diamond)

Play through the whole game without talking to any of the characters after you find them to get the achievement! Careful not to bump into them though out the house.

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