False Skies – Stat Growth Tables

A quick table of stat growth rates for each class to help plan out your characters.

Statistics Growth Tables


There’s already an excellent class guide by sdmax300 that you should check out.

But even with guides it’s not immediately apparent whether a class having “3 star growth” is good compared to the other options. So I made some quick tables to help compare the stat growths at each tier. I figure other people might find this useful, so I decided to share it.

Note: Each table is color coded based on the maximum growth for that tier (which is why 2.5 is green at tier 1 and orange at tier 5).

Class Tables

Tier 1

Tier 1 thoughts:

  • When the highest growth rate is 3, having a 2.5 in everything makes generalist surprisingly effective
  • Archer class has the highest SDF
  • Backup has very high HP growth for tier 1, but its offset by horrible DEF
  • The main difference between Mage and Sorcerer is the elements, but also worth noting that the Sorceror gets MP recovery in exchange for horrible RCV growth

Tier 2

Tier 2 thoughts:

  • DEF growth at tier 2 is low across the board
  • The only exception is Librarian (for some reason?)
  • …but it gets 1.5 growth for HP
  • Dancer offers good growth in both ATK and SKL

Tier 3

Tier 3 thoughts:

  • You finally get Gunner as a SKL based physical attacker
  • Arcanist sounds like a magic user, but its stats are middle of the road (except for SP growth)
  • Starlet provides an option for dual ATK/SKL growth
  • Chemist is your main RCV growth class, but most of its abilities are based off of SKL

Tier 4

Tier 4 thoughts:

  • Barrier Mage has good DEF/SDF growth for your squishy magic users
  • Scholar is tied for highest DEF growth
  • Elementalist is the ATK/SKL class for this tier. The abilities it learns are based on previous abilities known, so check the class guide
  • Having a Haven Maker can get you extra save points in some dungeons
  • We finally see an archer class again

Tier 5

Tier 5 thoughts:

  • Each stat has a class with a 5 growth rate
  • Be aware that these classes replace your tier 1 class, so think carefully before using them
  • Heavy Gunner can use small guns just as well, but its abilities are slow and use large ammo
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