Fallout Shelter – Bottle and Cappy Guide

In this guide I will teach you what Bottle an Cappy do…

How You Get Them

You should see a quest (Once the quest log is a thing you can do).

At that point you should start the quest and go through all the sections of it and one you finish it you should get some dialogue with them.

Something like this:

At that point they say they’ll show up to spread some happiness or whatever.

And with that we move onto what they actually do…

What They Do

Bottle and Cappy will enter your vault from time to time*

When they are at your vault your dwellers happiness will increase.

This will therefore increase productivity because of the happiness bonus**

But then there is the main attraction:

They wander around the vault*** and will occasionally start dancing and have some music play around them, at that point you want to click on them and you will be given a bonus.

  • * This will only happen when you’re viewing the vault, not when you’re offline.
  • ** When you’re dwellers are happy your rooms produce more water, food, and electricity. Also crafting goes faster.
  • *** They split up so try to keep an eye on both of them.


Bottle will give you either a Nuka Cola when clicked or caps.

I don’t know the exact amount, but it’s not a lot. As to the chances of getting Nuka Cola vs. the rate of caps, I don’t know the exact ratio but chances are the majority of the time you’ll get caps.

How to Identify:

  • You’ll know that he’s ready to be clicked because you’ll hear some banjo music and he’ll start doing some weird wiggly wave thing with his arms. I try not to question it.
  • Bottle does his thing an average of 2-3 times per visit, and doesn’t stay dancing for very long.
  • So I personally always try to prioritize getting to him whenever possible.


Cappy dances way more often than bottle and always drops caps.

You can identify when he’s ready because he’ll do a sort of moonwalk dance back and forth and there will be a trumpet playing…?

If you can find a way to describe it better please let me know.

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