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Fall Mountain is based to be a max 15 player game! We have 3 rows with 5 fall guys next to each other.

Why is that important? its important, because based on your spawn location, there are 2 different paths to go to victory.

  • AOOOA < first row 2 alpha fall guys and 3 omega fall guys
  • AAOAA < second row 4 alph and 1 omega
  • BBBBB < third row beta fall guys

Beta has the worst position and you have to be lucky to reach the crown, but following one of the two paths im gonna describe could work for those guys, if they get lucky!

But you dont wanna be one of them if you wanna win!

First Path


The most important Path is the right side. Everyone in the front row and the 1 omega and 2 alpha on the right side wanna go this way!

You run straight ahead and jump at the end of the first ramp to not land on your nose while walking would kick you over there!

You wanna go through the big gate at the beginning or if you are far right go around the right path and to the spinner to your right!

Once you reach the spinner you wanna hit it on the left side and pass your first obstacle!


Now the Balls will start dropping down like crazy and when you reach the green walls try to stay close to the right ones at any time, but look at where the Balls are coming from. If more on the left side of the right green wall, go to the right side of the green wall, if there is more ball traffic on the right side go through the middle section.

Most Important

Soon after the green walls 3 spinners will appear and you try to pass the first one on the right side and the second on the left side to get behind the yellow/red diamond shaped bouncer and be safe from dropping down balls for now.

If you made it to the bouncers try to stay directly behind the bouncers and dont run across.

Your path will lead you to the right side and from the last bouncer to the pink level wall on the right side!

I mean it! Go and hug this wall! It saves you from balls and it prepares you for the next obstacle.

Last Step

The next thing we try to pass is one spinning hammer, if you are hugging the pink wall you can pass the first hammer on the right side without getting hit and you are on the stairs.

Simply jump straight up 3 times and get the second hammer which you can pass on the right side aswell!

Your path to the crown is now free and you need to prepare your last jump

Left Path


This will be a tough one, but your advantage is that you will probally walk alone and nobody will grab you.

Pass the gate or go to the around the left and try to get to the left Spinner. Hit it on the right side and walk towards the green walls.


Once you reached the green walls you try to walk next to the far left green wall to avoid balls hitting you!

Look at where the Balls are coming from. If more on the left side of the left green wall, go to the middel side, if there is more on the right side walk on the left side.

Dont watch the Spinner in the middle just go and hug the level wall on the left side and pass the second spinner and continue your path running next to the far left level wall!

Also pass the diamond shaped bouncers on the left side until you see the two white arrows on the ground.

Last Step

You made it to the two white arrows on the ground now you wanna pass the two spinning Hammers infront of you through the gap that exist in the middle between both of them.

Try to walk diagonal (right from the left hammer and leftsided from the right hammer) and you path to the stair is free.

Jump straight up 3 times here and pass the last hammer on the left side after that your path to the crown is free.

Dont forget to grab the crown at the end!

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