Fall Guys – Tips for Every Single Event

This won’t guarantee a 100% crown chance, nor will it make you uber-good at the game. This is just mainly a few small things you can use to either have an advantage, or to make your time slight easier as you run to the end.


Note: Credit goes to Zelaird Gervik

I am not an expert at this game.

I’m just a guy who knows where and when to pick his battles on here.

Sometimes, staying a few steps behind and planning your next move is better than rushing forward. This applies to nearly every event. There’s up to 50 people in a game, and for the most part, up to 2/3rd’s are qualifying.

Solo Events

Door Dash

For the most part, staying behind at the start is better. Most players will be throwing themselves at every door, so staying back will give you more time to react. When a door does finally open, diving over everyone will help you prevent getting caught up in a player orgy moshpit

See Saw

Plan, plan, plan. Planning your moves is VERY important here. See what other people are doing, watch how the teeter-totters are tilting. Working with others is also useful here. If you’re on an angled totter, and your side is starting to tip up, keep jumping to make sure you don’t fall off. If this isn’t working, just jump off the side. It’s faster to respawn and try again.


Team Events

Fall Ball

If the teams are odd, and you have less players, or players who don’t know what they’re doing, you can safely leave the match early. If not, try to work on defending the ball, don’t go all out offensive. When the ball drops, if you time a jump right when your under it perfectly, you can end up scoring an unblockable goal.

Egg Scramble

If someone is moving to grab you, quickly jumping and letting go the egg will send it flying. Perfect for when you need to score faster. Are you falling behind? No worries! Just work with another team and screw the third team over!



Fall Mountain

If you get hit, give up. If you start at the back of the pack, give up. You will not win if either two things happened.

Make sure you hold grab if you actually get to the crown!

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