Factory Town Idle – Explanation of Buttons for Limits

Explanation of Buttons for Limits on Top of Each of the Gathering Outputs

Normally a recipe will produce as much as it possibly can, given availability of inputs and space for outputs.

And auto-assign will keep adding production capacity until output capacity is full. But maybe you don’t want a lot of valuable inputs to be used up in a recipe. Or your storage is really big and don’t want to waste capacity trying to just fill storage.

So you can use the “Maximum Rate” limit to specify exactly how many items per second you want this recipe to produce. That’s a fixed limit though, if you want a bit more flexibility you can use ‘Demand’. That is based on how many of this recipe’s output item is being requested by other active recipes.

So if you set it to “100% of demand”, the recipe will not try to produce any more items than are actively being used. There won’t be any excess items that go to storage. A lot of players want a little bit extra, so they set it to 110% of demand.

Whatever limit you pick, that will be the new target for the auto-assign feature. That is, auto-assign will add or remove production capacity until you get as close as possible to that limit.

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