ENF Novels: Dress Code – Get Fired Achievement Guide

Easiest way to unlock get fired achievement.

How to Obtain Get Fired Achievement

Note: Credit goes to LomasterUA


So you don’t need to fire anyone to achieve this. Miss Bridget will be fired as a result.

To get this achievement, you should choose positive “punishments”, i.e. choose things that the employee likes. You can do this with each of the three girls.

But I chose Linda Allen.

Day – Answer

  • 1 – 3. Order her to test the new Humbleon video game.
  • 2 – 1. Order her to watch “La La Land”.
  • 3 – 1. Order her to add more ram to your PC.
  • 4 – 1. Order her to cooperate with the team ar Sun Designs Japanese headquarters.
  • 5 – 3. Order her to inquire about the new 6G technology.
  • 6 – 2. Order to take behavioral tests on the “…” website.
  • 7 – 2. Order her to update all the computers in her department.
  • 8 – 3. Order her to take longer coffee breaks.
  • 9 – 3. Instal a battery charger on her workstation with mutiple wires.
  • 10 – 3. Order her to get up date on “…” singer`s new romantic interests.


Yeap that`s all! Have a nice day! I hope you managed to get the achievement.

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