Endless Sky – Quick Money Guide

This is a guide on exploiting pirates.

Quick Guide for Quick Cash

Ship Details

Make sure to have a cargo ship or a transport with a decent amount of seating.

Seating and Location

When you have a ship with a good amount of seats 7 I would say is a good minimum buy as many guns as you can afford (don’t go broke tho as you can’t pay crew or loans) and then move to Aldhibain and then either jump to Alniyat or stay in Aldhibain.


Then hire max crew at your current planet and wait for pirate ships to jump in when other people disable them run over and board them (R for closest enemy B to board) when you have captured all disabled ships, run out of crew or don’t feel comfortable leaving your new damaged ships around land re-crew and repeat. When you have enough ships land on Glaze in Aldhibain and sell your pirate ships for good profit.

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