Junkyard Truck – Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips

Crouching [“C”] and walking will allow you to “clip” inside another object such as vehicles and various other assets (useful for finding a loose bolt) (warning* if you stand up, the vehicle and your player will collide causing the truck to be possibly flipped and thrown through the air.

You can drink water for free instead of beer to replenish your hydration meter, there are two faucets, one outside the gas station and one at your home, crouching with [“C”] helps.

The bars on the back of the truck act like sticky tape, anything stuck inside them will lock into place, many objects stacked like this will even stay there after other objects are removed from beneath them.

You can use the jack on the back of your truck or a pack of beer to move (nudge) your vehicle if it gets lodged in an awkward position.

There are hidden items across the map that can be salvaged for a good price, engines from vehicles are worth $400 at the junkyard or garbage site.

There are hidden challenges around the map that can be triggered by entering the area that contains the challenge, (Hint: one challenge is behind the junkyard)

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