Dying Light 2 – Easiest Way to farm Unique Infected Trophy

Another easy way to farm Unique infected Trophy for upgrading blueprints and items for sale by taking loot of dead Volatiles.

Farming Spot

  • First you need is find that sinking armored vehicle.
  • It placed near the Peacekeepers Floating Fortress.


The fact is that enemy spawn points are attached to the bottom of the model of this vehicle.

All you need is rise Night Chase level to spawn Volatiles. After that jump into the water and dive to the bottom of the river. Swim near the walls of river channel to evade Volatiles spit shot. You need to surface occasionally to maintain the level of chase.

Since the enemies appear right in the water, they instantly die. You just have to collect loot from their dead bodies.

I advice you to use Regeneration booster to heal because Volatiles on shore will still hit you with spits.

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