Dying Light 2 – Colemak Keybindings

Dying Light 2 does not have great keybinding support, as such even when setting custom bindings via the keybinding menu the UI does not always reflect this. It is also not possible to adjust the in game menu bindings via the UI. Follow these instructions to fix it.

How to Fix

You will need a program like WinZip (I use 7-Zip) to open the data archive. So get one of these if you don’t have one.

Next find your DL2 Data file and open it with previously mentioned program. Steamapps/common/Dying Light 2/ph/source

Replace the Steamapps/common/Dying Light 2/ph/source/data0.pak/scripts/inputs/inputs_keyboard.scr file linked in below gist.

Replace the Steamapps/common/Dying Light 2/ph/source/data0.pak/scripts/inputs/inputs_gui.scr file file linked in below gist.

This is known to work with 1.0.4; updates may change these files if they do then you may need to adjust /follow this guide again.

If you have tried to modify the binding already you may need to reset to default keybinding in the keyboard bindings menu.

Feel free to customize the keybinding further to suit your requirments. This is a direct mapping of qwerty to colemak bindings.

Make sure to make a backup so you can revert or if changes occur you can update easier.

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