DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS – How to Prepare for the Final Boss

Pretty basic, just a heads up!

Guide to Prepare for the Final Boss

The Boss!

Quick prep guide before you push floors 90-99.

The boss will show up after defeating a certain enemy. It will look like your game is crashing, just give it a sec its a “Special Effect”.

  • Be level 90+.
  • Have a weak spell and strong spell (I used Malaire 1 for weak, and all of my guys had Malair 10 as well).
  • All characters should have the best armor you can manage (most of mine were 3-5 tiers below MAX and it was insanely close).
  • Have damage+ accessories or speed, both will probably work.
  • Have the ability to heal your defences and health. A revive ability definitely is a safe play.
  • Break reflect with your weakest spell, and then spam big AOE damage till boss gets angry.
  • Boss yeets your team into oblivion and you start back over.

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