Dead by Daylight – Quick Guide to Bubba Perks / Add-Ons

Bubba Sawyer Guide: Perks / Add-Ons


Base Kit Bam Bam [Bamboozle] 

Always use bamboozle since it is by far the best perk on bubba for lots of situations. It makes him super dangerous in chase.

Strongly Advised

No way out: Bubba is good at camping so if you are losing the match, this perk will almost always give you an extra kill. Also, it’s good for endgame when you close the hatch with 1 survivor left so you don’t have to worry about checking exit gates.

  • Pop Goes The Weasel: Combo with eruption for good slowdown
  • Eruption: Combo with Pop for good slowdown
  • Pain Resonance: One of the best and most fair slow downs in the game.
  • Deadlock: Decent overall slowdown and especially good for camping.

Recommended decent Builds on Leatherface:

  1. Bamboozle & Pain Resonance & Pop Goes The Weasel & Eruption – this combination is really good on Bubba, because this Killer has good potential to get fast downs. Build award for getting downs and it’s very strong. Great build for Public Games. (Chase playstyle)
  2. Bamboozle & Dead Lock & No Way Out & Corrupt Intervention – this build is great at very high level matches. (camping playstyle)

Other Usable Fun Perks / Combos

  • Spirit fury/Enduring: Very fun combination to use, because you can boost potential to eat Pallets even more. Unfortunately this combination is really bad against decent Survivors, because on average we can get 1-2 values from Spirit Fury (pre-drops when they know).
  • Iron maiden: Counter to locker dodging Bubba’s Chainsaw.
  • Nowhere To Hide: Combo with Pop/Eruption for max value. Aura reading is good on Bubba since catching hiding survivors with an insta down is super good.
  • BBQ: Bubba is strong in chase so this gives you your next chase faster. 
  • Monitor & Abuse: Gives Bubba more time to get close to the Survivor. Since he doesn’t have mobility every meter that you can get closer to the Survivor is a win. With the best addon combo, survivors are already in chainsaw range when they hear your Terror Radius.
  • Agitation: Spend less time hooking, more time chasing. Also when you are in a corner of the map, you can get back to middle hooks easily, while carrying. Even better with Scourge Hooks perks. 
  • Shadowborn: We shouldn’t recommend this perk, but playing with it is very fun. Be careful and don’t get addicted to playing with it. 


Best Add-Ons

Beast’s Marks: Increases Chainsaw Sweep movement speed by 3% and increases time required to charge a Chainsaw by 12%. [132.25% —> 136.21%] 

Award Winning Chili: Increases Chainsaw Sweep maximum duration by 1.5 seconds. 

Base kit 6 seconds + 1.5 seconds (Award Winning Chili) = 7.5 seconds. With this add on you can reach a max of 112 Bloodpoints in the Chainsaw Sprint category. Decent level is 110-111.

Primer Bulb: Decreases time required to recharge Chainsaw token by 1 second.

With this addon Bubba needs 3 seconds (instead of 4) to recharge a Chainsaw Token.

Best Add-Ons Combination 

Award Winning Chili & Beast’s Marks is the best addons combination on Leatherface. With these addons Bubba’s Chainsaw Sweep movement speed is increased to 136.21% (3.96% difference compared to base kit) and Chainsaw Sweep maximum duration is increased to 7.5 seconds (1.5 seconds difference compared to base kit). Because of Award Winning Chili Bubba needs 1.5 seconds to reach maximum movement speed (instead of 1.2 seconds base kit).

  1. These addons are incredibly good for long distances. Duration & movement speed bonuses grants ability to catch Survivors before they reach a specific loop.
  2. This combination gives the ability to do “insta-rev”. What does it mean? If Bubba has 3 Charges and he starts a Chainsaw Sweep on the Pallet and Survivor waits to drop it, Bubba can break a Pallet with 1 Token and immediately rev his Chainsaw and catch a Survivor with Two Tokens. It’s incredibly strong in some situations.
  3. These addons make Bubba amazingly good on loops, especially on very long loops. With this speed & duration long loops are not a problem at all. Bubba can outplay TL-s without Bamboozle, Pallet Gyms are incredibly dangerous for Survivors and Bubba can outplay almost every Pallet in the game.

Other Add-On Combinations

Beast marks & Primer bulb: Very strong combination, because still very strong on loops & recharge helps with breaking god Pallets when you need it. It may be the second best combination. This add-on combination is Top 2 (after Award Winning Chili & Beast’s Marks).

Award Winning Chili & Primer Bulb: Increased duration & recharge speed makes Bubba much better at zoning & breaking big amounts of Pallets. But, these addons are not the best when you want to outplay a Survivor on the loop. The movement speed is the most important thing on Bubba. This combo is good for playing Bubba without flicking.

Beast’s Marks & Knife Scratches (Double speed): What makes these add-ons good? The fact Bubba’s movement speed is incredibly high (almost 139%) and he reaches this movement speed very fast. These add ons combined together are the best addons to outplay Survivors on short/medium loops. Additionally, these addons are surprisingly decent in revving Chainsaw from some distances. Since it doesn’t take a lot of time to catch up because of the big speed difference compared to survivor speed. 

Remaining Add-Ons

Homemade Muffler & Chainsaw File: Decreases Tantrum duration by 1 and 0.5 seconds. Overall almost useless addons. Good Bubba shouldn’t trigger a Tantrum at all. These addons may be helpful just on Lockers because of the different timing than usual. 

Vegetable Oil: Gives you a nice feeling of shorter cooldown after successful Chainsaw Hit. Sometimes can be helpful on Lockers, because of the shorter cooldown you can grab a Survivor in time when he jumps out. Addon description is “Decreases Chainsaw cooldown by 0.3 seconds”, but this 0.3 seconds are for his missed Chainsaw cooldown, not for the successful one. This addon decreases cooldown after Successful Chainsaw Attack from 2 seconds to something around 1.31.4 seconds.

Speed Limiter: Obviously a very bad addon for Leatherface. It’s not even good to farm Bloodpoints, because Deviousness Category on Leatherface is very easy to get. 

The Grease & Long Guide Bar: Bubba can rev his Chainsaw longer. These addons are completely useless. Unless you wanna face camp all game. These addons should be reworked. 

Spark Plug & Knife Scratches & Chili: Weaker versions of Primer Bulb, Beast’s Marks & Award Winning Chili. 

Shop Lubricant: Completely useless addon. Apply Knockout Effect on Survivor when no others Survivors in your Terror Radius – just for 20 seconds. This addon should be reworked.

Rusted Chains & Grisly Chains: These addons are bad, because these addons force Survivor to not heal and rush the generators even more. Bubba isn’t a good M1 Killer. 

Begrimed Chains: Franklin Demise, but with Chainsaw. Nothing special. Also it doesn’t give the Item regression effect that Franklis Demise gives.

Light Chassis: Actually pretty good addon on indoor maps and may be helpful on loops. Be careful with using it. Best way to use this addon is just pressing M2 constantly to 0.x seconds, because his movement speed does not decrease during the first second of revving (109.25%, then after 1 second – 86.25%). 

Depth Gauge Rake: Very weak addon, two massive penalties for just one extra Token. It’s not worth it. This addon should be buffed (just remove one of these two penalties). 

Iridescent Flesh: This addon is insane at camping, because every hit gives you all charges back. Additionally this addon is extremely good on Lockers, because Tantrum duration is always 5 seconds. Survivors can not expect that short Tantrum after a long Chainsaw. 

Add on Tier List

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I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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