Everafter Falls – Useful Tips for Early Game

Useful Tips and Tricks

Money Making

You start the game with a sword, a pickaxe, and an axe. You can upgrade these tools later when you have enough money and materials. Check the crafting tab in your inventory to see what you can make. Cut down some trees to make a chest, a bug net, and keep some extra wood.

Find Calvin and make a fishing rod to complete his quest. This will give you a card that you need before you can start fishing. Choose the slower reel speed when you get the card.

Now you have to decide how to make money in the early game. You can choose farming, fishing, or foraging. I think beekeeping is the best choice.

Most crops give you around 9-12 gold per day. If you sell honeycomb from beekeeping, you can make 77.5 gold per day. A full beehive makes honeycombs every few days. You can turn two honeycombs into a jar of honey using a bottle, fruit, and a honey press. If you put one pink bee with three normal bees, you will always get pink honeycomb. This can make you 200 gold per day.

Setting up for beekeeping costs about the same as setting up for farming. Farming needs a lot of money for seeds and an upgraded pet to water the crops. It also takes a lot of time waiting for the crops to grow.

For beekeeping, you need to shake trees from the first day and have a bug net ready. Shaking trees can give you bees, pink bees, silkworms, cocoons, and caterpillars. You want the bees and silkworms. To make beehives, you need silk rope. To get silk rope, you need silkworm farms. You also need a lot of wood, so cut down grass to get more tree seeds to plant.

After ten days, if you’re lucky, you can have a couple of pink honeycombs growing. Keep some bees in a chest until you have enough silk rope.

Make a small grove with boxing trees, pine trees, and maple trees. Try to have ten of each. Use the rope from cutting grass and copper from the mines to make tappers early.

As you cut grass, you might find rare seeds like water tree seeds, fire tree seeds, and puffle tree seeds. Donate one of each to the museum, then plant the rest on your farm. These trees, along with orb trees and cherry blossom trees, need a delicate tapping kit to be tapped.

First Small Projects

Here are some small projects to work on:

  1. Make a shell crusher to make bricks.
  2. Make a spinning wheel to make rope and silk rope.
  3. Make a furnace to make metal bars.
  4. Make beehives for beekeeping.

As you start making money and progress in the mines, upgrade your tools to copper. A copper axe lets you cut the tree stump on the northern beach. This gives you access to a surprise cave and your first free orb tree. An iron pickaxe lets you break the big stone next to Daisy’s shop. This opens a cave shortcut. To break the big stone at the northern beach, you need a gold axe.

Plant a few crops of each type for the current season. Use the free seeds you get in the mail and from Freya. Work on completing the museum. When you have some spare time, do some fishing and foraging.

Before selling what you find, donate everything you can to the museum. Also, use the free terrarium in the museum for frogs, nymphs, and cocoons. Check lydocia’s guide “Should I sell or craft?” to see what you’ll need later. Keep a butterfly, a sky blue frog, at least 6 sardines, and all the berries. Berries help attract pixies. Keep cheap mushrooms and turn cheap shells into bricks. Only sell shells and mushrooms that are over 20-25 gold.

As you complete each museum collection, you’ll get points. You can trade these for perk cards or gifts. Use your first 2 points to get the master key. It opens any chest without breaking and also opens all community gates.

Always carry your bug net and try to catch pigeons. You’ll get rewards, sometimes unique seeds. The rewards come in the mail, so you can shred the letters at Pip and Pepper’s place. Every 6 shredded letters give you a fragment. Three fragments and 2 super glue make a blank card. You can then print this into a perk card.

First Big Projects

Here are some big projects to work on:

  1. Solar Panel Wings: Make these as soon as you can. They produce a sun ball every 3 sunny days. Sun balls can be used with an evaporator and other machines for triple output. This is very useful for processing expensive saps like orb sap.
  2. Greenhouse: This lets you plant any crop or fruit tree and harvest it all year. Plant your fruit trees and unique seeds (dragonfruit, merryberry, bluemato, square watermelon) in the greenhouse. You can only get these seeds from chests or pigeon rescue rewards.
  3. Ether Collector: This is a more expensive project.
  4. Barn and/or Barn Upgrade: Also more expensive projects.

Pixie Farming:

To get hundreds of pixies for rewards, craft your own pixie shrines. Make a couple dozen shrines. Use cheap items like yummyberries or white mushrooms as offerings. You’ll get 2-4 pixies every few days.

You can assign pixies to resources and collect the output from the chest by the shrine to the right of your farm. Red pixies double machine output and efficiency. Green pixies harvest from trees, grass, and berry bushes. Blue pixies harvest from rocks and ores. Rainbow pixies are the rarest and can harvest from anything while reducing production time.

You get your first pixies for free by finishing Fin’s quest. Put the green one on the Wisdom Tree in the south and the blue one on the hidden rainbow rock behind Daisy’s house. The white wood and shards you gather will be useful for making pixie shrines and other crafting.

There’s another rainbow stone on the narrow cliff left of the big tree by the blacksmith. You can also shake starfruit trees here and fish up fallen fruits. Later, there will be a white stone, rainbow stone, and gold ores in the cave you open with the iron pickaxe left of the Animal Centre.

Your inventory shows how many pixies you can bind. Start with binding 9 pixies. Bind one on the Dream Tree by Dawn’s house for dark wood, some on gold ores, and keep some for machines like the Fruit and Honey Press and Evaporator. Always put a pixie in a delicate tapping kit.

Donate pixies in the cave to increase your binding limit, get a pixie friend, and get your first blessing. Focus on getting pixies early on as they are very useful.

Misc Tips

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Catch all the soot puffs and donate them to the big soot tank in the museum. You’ll get good rewards. Consider investing in a soot grower or two. These machines grow a soot puff the next day after placing, and it keeps growing as long as it’s left in the machine.
  • After rescuing a pigeon in an early quest, there will be a pigeon at the Animal Centre who wants to be your friend. You need to earn its trust by giving it different things each day. Check with the pigeon every day to see what it wants.
  • You can use your fishing rod to steal from crops and berry bushes that you can’t reach. Upgraded rods or certain orbs can increase your reach. Sometimes you can complete Freya’s seasonal crop quest just by stepping outside her shop.
  • Leave tree stumps on your farm or in town. Mushrooms will spawn on the stumps. Some rare mushrooms only spawn on certain stumps, like the stump of an orb tree.
  • Be careful when printing cards. Check exactly which card you need and make sure it’s not maxed out.
  • Think carefully before attaching orbs to your legendary jewelry. Once attached, they can’t be changed or swapped. You can get the orbs back by smelting the piece at the blacksmith, but you wouldn’t want to destroy your legendary rings.
  • You can buy a teleport stone from the Animal Centre. You can only place one, but it’s useful to have by the mines, pixie cave, or at home. You can teleport to the stone from the special button in your inventory.
  • You can buy a support drone for 2,500g from Cid’s store. It’s expensive but gives you more inventory space, so it’s worth it.
  • Try to finish Hersha’s cooking quest quickly by buying the flour and butter instead of waiting to process them yourself. Once you finish, attend all the cooking events on the 15th and 30th of each season. Even if you don’t win first or second prize, you should be able to get third. The rewards get better the more events you attend.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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