Dead Age 2 – Useful Tips and Tricks

Just got the perfect ending, some simple tips to help you better play around this game.

Tips and Tricks

Note: Credit goes to Moongazer

General Mechanism

  • If you quit to main menu in the middle of a fight, the save is one “spot” before.


  • Pistol is a great choice. The bosses are not immune to stun(deliberating shot), and its ammo is the cheapest to craft.
  • Shotgun is a solid front-line choice, so all-round you would love it, and your team only has one innate shotgun NPC.
  • Defensive stance is great for front-line member. Not only can it absorb damage, but it would nullify status effect (stun, unconscious, etc).
  • Smoke grenade is a great skill. Damage-wise it’s not that good, but the debuff (startled, blind) and plating-removal is op, esp. VS human enemies.
  • Shock grenade is good. Accuracy is high, almost guaranteed stun, and push back.
  • You can use infinite times of healing items with 1 AP (Also the reason armor is not that important).
  • There is no way to cure unconscious and stun. Eliminate or immobilize enemies with such skills first at all costs!
  • Most enemies have 1 AP each around. Those with “Swift” status have 2 AP, they can switch row and attack you in one round (but the attack would just be normal attack). If those “Swift” enemies are in front row, pay attention since most likely they would use “big attacks” with status effect. Try to use “Defensive stance” to counter it in this case. Pay attention to “Jump attack” enemy, they can attack from back row.
  • Your team’s attack order is the order you add them into party.

Party Build

  • Build a member with high strength proves to be very helpful. You have high chance to “threaten” everywhere (many free resources), have higher defensive stance value (strength + 20) , and saves ammo to melee.
  • It’s a good idea to have 2 members (maybe 3, lol) of your team equip same type of gun, so that you only need to mainly craft/stack one type of ammo.
  • Have a member with high Survival and high Alertness each is helpful. Probably also medical (medical event check usually happens at the first step of mini-map, easy to save scum, quit to main menu and reenter).


  • The only critical stuff imo is Ammo. Without ammo it’s hard to do anything. And before lv3 blacksmith you only have 1 slot to craft ammo. So plan your main ammo type in early stage. It’s a good idea to max out a member’s survival asap so that 10% more ammo can be crafted.
  • The most important resource imo is Materials. It is used to craft ammo, level up facility, craft weapon/armor/medic items and upgrade equipment. Buy and scavenge materials whenever possible.
  • Although the game tells you Armor is important, imo Weapon is far more important. Have a member max out craftsmanship so that you can craft lv4 weapon fast. Consider crafting armor later.
  • You can backup a save with 00:30 left if you want to save scum a crafted weapon/armor. Just replace Save1.json if the crafted is not desirable.
  • Have a member with lv3 alertness guard your base at any time seems to be a good idea. Scavengers (need lvl3 guard to avoid loss) can raid your base even in the day, although not often.

That’s all, have fun!

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