Murderous Muses – Branching Paintings Guide

Guide to the branching paintings for the Choices matter achievement and unlocking videos.

Branching Paintings

Each muse has a special option, that when their painting is placed will create two more new painting slots, These slots will have a black nameplate and wont rotate when you place a painting there, but they will still use an eye of mordachai to see the video.

When you select one of the paintings, the other disappears. None of the selections are needed for lore paintings, but they do all have interesting stories behind them.

You can have multiple branches in a single gallery, and they are attainable even if there is no hint book.

Dominique Placing Dominiques panting at “Deal” unlocks the branches “easy” and “Hard”

Lilith – Fans – unlocks “Cheerleader” and “Zombie”

Otto – Greed – unlocks “Addiction” and “Deceit”

Catherine – Motive – unlocks “Thrill” and “Survival”

Monday – Money – unlocks “Stay” and “Leave”

Xavier – Mordachai – unlocks “Memory” and “Imagination”

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