Dark and Darker – Developer Q&A for Playtest #3

Some questions and answers were paraphrased or combined for a better searching and presentation experience.

Features and QOL

Q: Will there be filters added to the Trading Post to make it easier to find what you want?

A: Must have. We have a plan but the priority is a bit lower.

Q: Will you make it possible to trade between our characters?

A: We do not intend to make moving items between characters easy. In the meantime we want to focus on making the current trading post more comfortable.

Q: Will there be a change to the Merchants so we can buy and sell multiple items at once, like selling all Silver Coins?

A: I was very uncomfortable while playing with this. It will be fixed with high priority.

Q: Will we be able to rotate items in our inventory?

A: Not yet

Q: Will any skins or cosmetics carry over to release? Will there be any cosmetic rewards for early testers?

A: That’s not in the plans yet. But we think players will like it.

Q: Will there be a way to increase stash size?

A: There will be a way, however, we’re still thinking about how to provide it.

Q: Can we expect a toggle for things like crouch?

A: This is required. We need to do it slowly.

Q: Will we get a replay system? Is there a plan for spectating friends?

A: A replay system would be nice in many ways. We do not yet have plans for spectating friends.

Q: Will there be a Looking for Group option?

A: Not yet. Rather than that, we’ll experiment with making the process of finding a party fun.

Q: Any plans to clarify tool tips for what specific stats on an item actually do?

A: I will try to explain better what each item means and how it works.

Classes & Balance

Q: How do you feel about the current class balance?

A: In a less developed state, balance doesn’t mean much. Class balance doesn’t matter right now at least for me. For example Rangers are not nerfed, it’s just that a feature that wasn’t implemented initially was implemented, so they were adjusted.

Q: What new spells are you adding to Wizard?

A: Meteor Swarm. Haha thats a joke. We will not comment on this yet.

Q: Are there any plans to add low level spells to other characters like you may see in Dungeons and Dragons?

A: Rangers can have spells. I’m thinking of implementing it through artifacts rather than each class having spell casting. For now expect wands and scrolls. Development will take some time.

Q: What is the next class going to be?

A: Bard is the next target. However it will probably be too hard to include them in the next playtest. The instrument should be fun for the bard and everyone else.

Q: What about druids, monks, or a necromancer?

A: We want to have them. We want druids to be able to turn into animals. If we add monks, we will have to think about how we punch and kick in the FPP view. As for Necromancer, I don’t know if that’s what the name will be, but there must be something like that. It’s fun.

Q: What do you think about the current drop rate balance?

A: We are adjusting the game contents according to the test period

Q: Cleric starting stats are one less than every other class, intended?

A: This was a mistake and will be fixed.

Q: Will we get more Magic Resistance?

A: Adventurers will need it.


Q: Will anything be done to prevent players from cheesing monsters/bosses on higher elevation or with Pavises?

A: The AI needs upgrades, it will take some time.

Q: Will the combat system be made more complex with things such as feints, stamina, mix-ups etc.

A: The current state is the intent. There is a possibility that some more interesting things could be added. I can tell you that I really hate stamina systems. We also don’t want all melee classes to play with parries. We don’t have plans yet.

Q: Will there be a training dummy to test our damage?

A: That day will come, we are just not sure what shape it will be in.

Q: What are your thoughts on Ranged Enemies being too hard for Melee Classes?

A: It must have been difficult due to Head Homing being too accurate. We’ll think about it.

Q: How do you feel about the current TTK?

A: I think it’s good, of course this can be changed through testing at any time.

Q: Will Clerics ever get a Crystal Mace so they can cast like Mages can with Crystal Swords?

A: Let’s just say that the weapons so far are just the most basic we could think of.

Future Content

Q: How will the final game play, will we start in B1 then port to B2 then port to B3?

A: I do not know. This is hard to answer, I can say that I am thinking about the 3 layers I think the difficulty of the first floor will be similar to the current B2..

Q: Will there ever be more maps and bosses?

A: Yes. We want to add as many maps and dungeons as possible. Bosses must also appear constantly. I am dreaming of a dragon boss like on the high roller art. I guess I can say this: The Lich and Ghost King are not B3 bosses. They were the bosses of B2. They have been living there for some time now.

Q: Do you plan to add more fantasy races? Dwarves, Elves, etc.

A: We are still experimenting but yes. We want to include more customization.

Q: Will quests be in the next playtest?

A: Quests are planned to be added in a very early version

Q: Will the Talent system be in the next playtest?

A: This has not been planned yet. We are thinking of taking a slower approach to that.

Q: Will there be PvP modes?

A: It’s the early days so we can’t say anything definitively, but something like a tournament held at a specific time would be interesting.

Q: Will the game have a dedicated PvE Mode?

A: I have some concerns about various dungeon types and modes. However since we develop based on experiments and confirmations, it is impossible to confirm with words at this stage.

Q: Third Person Mode?

A: This will never happen.

Q: Solo queue?

A: Not yet. There’s something I’d like to experiment with a bit more.

Q: Is there a plan for guilds?

A: Guilds will exist. However, implementation is far away.

Q: Will there be any graphics improvements?

A: There is a will to upgrade. It is a matter of time and money.

Q: Will there be a flying carpet?

A: I am very interested in letting players fly.

Q: Will there be a roadmap?

A: There are still many changes, so there is no plan for public roadmaps yet.

Q: Player Housing?

A: I am very interested. But it won’t be easy.

Q: Will we ever be able to upgrade characters past level 20?

A: There are a few plans for this. All I can say currently is we are interested in multi class, but we are going to approach it with caution.

Q: Have you ever thought about enchantment or gem socketing systems?

A: Something similar is sure to exist in the future

Q: Is weapon/armor durability planned?

A: We will try this out


Q: How many more playtests will there be?

A: It’s hard to say because plans always change

Q: Will there be an anti-cheat?

A: We are considering things like EAC, but we have our own solutions as well.

Q: Will the game support other languages?

A: Multilingual support is planned

Q: Will there be wipes?

A: It will very likely be in the form of seasonal wipes.

Q: Are Adventure Points planned to stay?

A: The Adventure Point system is temporary to make playtesting more fun.

Q: What is the plan for leaderboards?

A: Leaderboards are a temporary feature to make playtesting fun. How that will change in the future is unknown.

Q: Was there anything from the playtest that surprised you?

A: Players love us more than we think

Q: Is there a way to support the game financially?

A: We are looking into things like Kickstarter and Early Access

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