Damn Ropes – Some Basic Moves


Alright, many people would’ve discovered this fast, but let’s take a look at this again.

Press left or right, depending on the direction you currently have, and jump at the right moment when you hit the ground.

If you did it right, you would accelerate slightly, stacking for each jump.

Quick Acceleration

Now we’re starting to use ropes.

This one is ‘Quick Acceleration’, just as it says.

Requires any kind of ceiling and a functioning keyboard.

Always press left or right, depending on the direction you want to gain speed.

  • Jump – Attach – Press up – Let go up and Detach – Attach – Repeat.

The hard part is, you shouldn’t hit the ground while doing those.

Also, look out for the length, since you can’t shrink your rope infinitely.

So pairing with bhop to reset the rope is crucial to gain more speed.

If you want more speed, you can attach the rope further by risking a bit.


This one is pretty situational, but helpful when it comes in a pinch.

If you see a ramp (0 to 90 degrees), you can climb it rather than risking to swing yourself up.

First, attach the rope at the ramp, then pull yourself very close to it.

Then, quickly detach and attach it again, but slightly up this time.

Pull yourself again, detach and attach, pull, repeat.

The important part is, you have to spam jump to reset your rope constantly.

Floor Boost

This one is hard to pull off, yet usable at most situations.

First, attach a rope anywhere to swing yourself – put yourself very close to a floor, ramp works well

Then, just extend to rope to gain massive speed and scale the floor (or ramp) up.

You’ll eventually lose your rope by extending it too much, but you can still utilize the speed.

Using bhop, or quickly attaching it again would make it easier to use the speed to swing faster.

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