Cyber Knights: Flashpoint – Tips for Stealth

Stealth Tips

  • It is nearly impossible on most maps to get Victory without detection and without killing anyone, no matter how stealthy you are.
  • When entering the map, carefully map out in your mind possible routes and cover across the entire map before you even begin moving.
  • Sprint when you can do it without detection–moving quickly keeps you ahead of the enemy, gives more options for finding cover, gets you further while the security level is low.
  • Splitting into pairs of mercs to achieve multiple objectives at the same time can be useful for moving quickly and reducing long-term exposure.
  • Killing quickly, quietly, and moving on is quite effective, whether or not you do anything with the body.
  • Carefully weigh whether moving/destroying a body takes more time/effort than it is worth while trying to move quickly.
  • Try to never leave a merc exposed without cover if there is a guard who might head that way.
  • Use Delay and initiative manipulation to your best advantage.
  • Use blades when you can.
  • When moving in to swing a blade, carefully select your position; it is often useful to move past the enemy or off to the side before swinging, to take fullest advantage of movement AP and where you want to move next.
  • You don’t have to kill with a single merc–take one shot with one merc and take a movement, let the next merc take a finishing shot and move, this helps keep squads close together for mutual support while moving as quickly as possible.
  • Boost Lure; just a couple boosts give Lure an AOE and range that is extremely useful for drawing guards out of position.
  • Consider hiring or cross-training a second Vanguard to get more Lure and anti-security device talents on a mission.

For me an important tips for stealth is it for killing in silence or passing through is to as much as possible move last in the turn order by going later. Going last give two advantages. First you have all your character having turn together. Secondly if you get detected you can use other character to kill the witness. The only exception of going last is if you are in an open space where you my be detected or in fight.

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